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Bulk Brewer 10 Litres

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Bulk Brewer 10 Litres

The Bulk Brewer 10 Litres is on offer.

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  • Delicious fresh filter coffee
  • Ideal for sites requiring large quantities of coffee brewed quickly
  • Stainless steel fi lter pan and housing for a robust and quality
  • appearance
  • Individual containers that are easily transported for coffee to
  • be served locally
  • ”Coffee-is-ready” signal
  • Variety of serving sizes: by the cup, decanter, litres or gallon
  • Total and daily counters
  • Descaling system
  • Built-in timer so coffee can be brewed whilst you are absent
  • from the machinery
  • Adjustable brewing time for optimum extraction
  • Optimum safety mechanisms: container and swivel arm signal
  • A variety of models available to suit every situation

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