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“Obsessive Fanatic” Barista Pack

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“Obsessive Fanatic” Barista Pack

The “Obsessive Fanatic” Barista Pack is on offer.

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You fire people on the spot for making an espresso in 15 seconds. If customers complain saying their ameriano’s not got enough foam, you openly proclaim them a philastine and ask them to leave your shop.

Your coffee has to be the best you run your business to this mantra and you prefer to leave nothing to chance. This pack will help you to achieve the perfection you seek.

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Free half day barista training course worth £200 with all machines.

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Standard Extras

  • Coffee Cleaner
  • Milk Cleaner
  • Lined Shot Glass
  • 2 x Shot Pots (For takeaway beverages)
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Chocolate Shaker

Obsession Fueled Extras

  • 1 Small "Latte Art Pro" Jug (1 cup)
  • 1 Medium "Latte Art Pro" Jug (2 cups)
  • Optimum Milk Foam Thermometre (to indicate the perfect foaming temperature)
  • 2 Premium Group Head Cleaning Brushs (patented zig zag design)
  • Lever Press Tamping Tool (for perfect pressure and level when coffee tamping)
  • Premium Milk Working Tamping Mat (reduce noice and aid in milk working)
  • Premium Milk Spatula (controlling milk foam to milk ratios)
  • Espresso Timer (to make sure you've got the basics right)
  • Weighing Scale (make sure your grinder is measuring the correct amount of coffee)

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