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The La Spaziale S2 Commercial Coffee Machine

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The La Spaziale S2 Commercial Coffee Machine
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The The La Spaziale S2 Commercial Coffee Machine is on offer.

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This espresso machine has been used for demonstration purposes only and comes with a full warranty but is not used. 
It can still be combined with any other La Spaziale deal. Machine is being serviced by our team currently.

For details and coffee machine packages please call. A commercial coffee grinder is also available under the same conditions.

  • 1 groups, 2 groups and three groups, 2 groups SPAZIO (EK version).
  • 1 groups, 2 groups and three groups, 2 groups SPAZIO (Air version)
  • Built in pump
  • Electric Heating
  • 2 Group SPAZIO – 5 Litre Boiler
  • Pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure control
  • Boiler warmth tank safety thermostat
  • Stainless steel Machine body
  • 1 Hot Water outlet / 2 Steam Magical wands (1 Steam Wand for 1 Group)
  • Control of malfunction sensors
  • •Unique “Patented” STEAM warming
  • Semi – Automatic coffee maker with free-flow delivery.
  • Electronic coffee maker with proportioned dose setting.
  • Automatic boiler refill
  •  Boiler dimensions: 1 Group – 3 Litre, 2 Group – 10 Litre, 3 Group – 15 Litre


  • Side panel lit by led strips
  • Gas heating system (2 and 3 groups)
  • Electric cup warmer (2, 3 groups and SPAZIO)
  • Boiler heating element upgrade
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La Spaziale S.p.A. commenced in 1969 by individuals with exceptional experience since 1947 inside the Espresso Coffeemakers Branch. Their developed machines are in compliance with high  quality and innovation. Nowadays the business still thinks within the unique concepts, developing exactly the same philosophy and undertaking itself each day to achieving an elegant level of quality through advanced technical solutions.  La Spaziale have a very unique patented heat exchange system for heating water useful for espresso delivery this sets the asside from other commercial coffee machines.

It uses STEAM! as opposed to the traditional hot water warmth exchange. Steam remains at a consistent temperature. The steam is used to heat a small individual boiler for each group guaranteeing a constant temperature of water as it reaches the coffee. Most coffee features a sweet host to 94 levels, with apparent variations in taste for every degree.   The LaSpaziale system can hit the spot  every time ensuring consistently good coffee.   It uses less energy and reduces lime scale build up.   It uses less energy and reduces lime scale build up.  Some models have automated temperature control to fine tune the group head heat range to match the blend of coffee and automated temperature control to fine tune the group head temperature to match the blend of coffee.

The S2 is really a “starter” economy commercial coffee machine from La Spaziale. It is available as the fully automatic EK and the semi automatic free flow EP.  There's no “Takeaway Height” model within this range.   The automatic EK has four programmable dose controls for each Group with a manual free flow override function. Available in various configurations of 1 - 3 Group with 3, 10, 15 itre Boilers respectively. There is also the 2 Group Spazio Compact commercial coffee machine which has a 5 Litre Boiler.

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  • Electrical Services
    – 1 group 110/220/240 V – 50/60Hz – 2200W
    – 2 group 220/240 V – 50/60Hz – 3900W
    – 3 group 220/240/400 V – 50/60Hz – 4500W
  • Standard Size
    – 1 group 460mm x 520mm x 530mm
    – 2 group 700mm x 520mm x 530mm
    – 3 group 930mm x 520mm x 530mm
  • Maximum Weight
    – 1 group – 42kg
    – 2 group – 65kg
    – 3 group – 82kg

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