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Cimbali M1

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Cimbali M1
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Introducing the La Cimbali M1 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Cimbali M1

The Cimbali M1 is a super automatic coffee machine that is designed for locations where that expect to deliver up to 150 cups per day, and where space is limited. The machine is easy to use and guarantees a superior in-the-cup quality. The button display delivers a complete coffee menu utilizing coffee beans and fresh milk. A high quality beverage is guaranteed by Cimbali's high renowned expertise and innovative milk frothing devices such as the Turbosteam and the MilkPS.

Cimbali M1 Features

  • Milk PS model has a geared pump which allows for preparation of Cappuccinos and other milk based speciality coffees
  • Manual and Auto Steam Wands depending upon model
  • Hot Water Tap
  • 2.5 Ltr Smart Boiler
  • 2 Grinder dosers and 600g Coffee Bean Hoppers
  • Optional Bean Hopper extension up to 12Kg
  • Automatic Wash Cycles
  • Power range 3.1Kw – 3.6Kw

All Bean to Cup machines come in various volume categories and are built, and priced, accordingly. Manufacturer’s cups/day specifications are always based upon an 8oz serving and evenly spread throughout a day. The M1 is designed for locations where the output would be no more than 150 cups/day. Larger drink sizes and high short term demand will always affect these specifications.

M1 delivers a complete coffee menu utilizing coffee beans and fresh milk. The quality of the beverages is guaranteed by Cimbali’s renowned expertise in espresso extraction and by innovative milk frothing devices such as the Turbosteam and the MilkPS.

Cimbali M1

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More Information

Cimbali  have been a world renowned manufacturer of coffee machines since 1912. During that time they have developed espresso technology with the greatest forms of supremacy and ingenuity. This level of ascendancy naturally demands a high price to conform to this standard. La Cimbali Bean to Cup and Traditional Espresso Machines can be found in many large chain stores and big brand outlets the world over.

It is available in various configurations; Caffe, TurboSteam and MilkPS. Patented “Smart Boiler” management system significantly boosts steam and hot water capacity, thus avoiding production drops at busy times. The MilkPS option provides a full range of milk based speciality coffees, delivering a constant flow of high quality foamed milk. It is capable of producing up to 16oz drink sizes as well as jugs of hot milk and hot water for tea. The machine automatically empties the milk circuit at the end of each cycle and performs programmable wash cycles throughout working hours.


Width (mm) 350
Depth (mm) 620
Height (mm) 760
Weight (kg) 54
Power at 220-240V~ 50Hz (W) 3100 - 3600

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Customer Reviews

Cimbali M1 - Good for takeaway - 12 January 2013

We have a unique food offering in central London and the machine copes well with busy periods. We are happy with the quality of the machine and the coffee we have received from Beanmachines.

We have even ordered a further M1 coffee machine for another site.

By Frank

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