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Melitta Cafina XT6 bean to cup machine

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Melitta Cafina XT6 bean to cup machine
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The Melitta Cafina XT6 bean to cup machine is on offer.

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Melitta Cafina XT6 Bean to Cup machine

The Melitta Cafina XT6 was designed to be versatile and functionel, with the Swiss manufacturers making this machine available with 4 different variations. Made to be the perfect front of house solution, The XT6 features a high quality touch-screen TFT display, fully customisable lighting and the ability to produce any hot beverage you would possibly want from a bean to cup coffee machine.


melitta cafina xt6 bean to cup machine

Key Features of the Cafina XT6

  • Operation – Self-service mode offers up to 10 different products for quick and easy selection, and service-staff mode provides up to 100 products to choose from.
  • Great speed – The great heating power allows it to produce up to 170 espressos per hour, which makes it ideal for cafés, restaurants, hotels, and so on.
  • High capacity – Two 1kg coffee-bean containers, and two 450-800 grams instant containers for powder enable you to serve many customers before a refill is needed. 
  • Hot or cold milk foam – The new efficient milk-foam system enables individual programming for every product, allowing you to choose between hot and cold milk foam, as well as warm and cold milk.     
  • Compactness and elegance – 580 mm high, 300 mm wide, and 715 mm deep, Melitta® Cafina® XT6 can easily fit to almost any available space. Modern and elegant design is complemented by atmospheric LED lighting.
  • High-quality touch-screen display- 8.4-inch touch-screen TFT colour display is very sensitive and feature-rich, yet very durable and reliable.   


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What Melitta say about the Cafina XT6

Melitta® Cafina® XT6 combines great variety, efficiency, and ease of use. It offers two different modes. Self-service mode is better suited for situations where your employees or guests are supposed to purchase the products on their own. The machine makes this process very quick and comfortable, as it provides up to 10 easy-to-choose products for your customers. All information and interaction is at the colour TFT touch-screen, which is very sensitive, but guarantees great durability at the same time. Staff-service mode is created for places like cafés, restaurants, and so on, where your staff is serving the drinks. Here we have provided up to 10 variations for each of the 10 products, thus increasing the offer to 100 different beverages. Self-service mode features only 10 basic modes in order to ensure efficiency of use. Nevertheless, both modes provide more than sufficient selection of products for your customers to enjoy.

This machine features many different technological advances that increase the quality of the products, as well as the efficiency and ease of use. They are described above, in product description, and include top-quality touch-screen display,Automatic Coffee quality System (ACS®), Variable Pressure System (VPS®), Clean in Place (CIP®), and more. Everything is created in a way that will allow you and your staff or customers to use Melitta® Cafina® XT6 with ease, and ensure the maximum quality. 

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Melitta Cafina XT6 Detailed Specification:

  • 8,4-inch Colour Touch screen
  • 600×800, protected by thermally hardened glass
  • Stainless steel brewing unit
  • Net weight 20g maximum
  • Clean in Place System (CIP®)
  • Contact pressure: 1000 N maximum (individual settings for each of the products available)
  • Automatic Coffee System (ACS®)
  • Variable Pressure System (VPS®)
  • USB interface (for copying recipes)



  • Capacity: 80 - 120 cups
  • Size: 300 × 580 × 580 mm


  • Capacity: 5 litres
  • Size: 180 × 580 × 580 mm 

(in number of cups; varies depending on the beverage type and the cup size)

Espresso 170
Coffee, Coffee White 150
Cocoa 80
Cappuccino 130
Steam  continuous
Hot Water 20-25 L


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