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Sweetbird - Flavoured Syrups

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Sweetbird - Flavoured Syrups

The Sweetbird - Flavoured Syrups is on offer.

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Flavoured Syrups:

Almond - The classic almond-like flavour with the extra richness and depth of a liqueur

Amaretto - The classic almond like flavour with the extra richness of a liqueur

Butterscotch - Has a buttery, rich but delicate flavour

Caramel - This is the original taste of caramalised sugar

Chai - A mixture of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and good old fashioned tea

Chocolate - A mixture that is not too sweet or too bitter, this is the substance of pure chocolatiness

Chocolate Mint - combination of flavours, the minty fresh with the sweetness of the chocolate

Cinnamon - This syrup has a sweet, woody aroma, thant has a hint of spice

Eggnog - Savor this creamy drink, which has a touch of nutmeg during the festive season

English Toffee - It is a splendid combination as a buttery, sticky toffee sweet

Gingerbread - That 'oh' so recognisable flavour that is a mixture of warm biscuit and spice

Hazelnut - This is a special flavour that compliments both coffee and chocolate

Raspberry - Adding a sharp fruity note with its classic jam flavour

Toasted Marshmallow - Reminders of open camp fires and burnt fingertips, this is the sweet toasty flavour

Vanilla - This vanilla syrup adds elegance and refinement to any chocolatey or creamy drink you have

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Nutritional Information

Serving Size 15ml (0.5 fl. oz)

Container Size 1 Ltr

Servings Per Container 66


Typical values per serving

Calories - 44

Calories From Fat - 0

Amount % daily value

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