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Melitta® Cafina® ALPHA

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Melitta® Cafina® ALPHA
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Melitta Cafina ALPHA Bean to Cup Machine

The new Cafina ALPHA offers already proven solutions and some great innovative features. It is very easy to use, feature-rich, and guarantees the top quality of your products. With the high performance grinding discs, you are guaranteed a long service life which effortlessly produce a fine, uniform grain structure for over 150,000 cups. The short grinding process allows the full aroma to be retained. The worlds simplest cleaning system is within the Alpha machine. All milk pipes and the milk jet are disinfected. A powerful combination of top quality materials, innovative design specifications, and proven technology portray the Melitta Alphas durability and quality production.



Milk jet - The innovative Cafina ALPHA system is a great solution for hot milk or milk foam.  

Adjustable height - You can easily change the height of the outlet between 75 and 175 millimetres.

Add-on modules - You can make your Cafina ALPHA even better by using different add-on modules.

Cleaning in Place - The Cleaning in Place (CIP) system provides simple and effective solution for cleaning milk. It is based on steam, and is fully-automated - you don’t need to do anything manually. The system guarantees perfect hygiene, and is HACCP approved.

Multiple milk-storage options - You can choose between one 9-litre cooling container, and two 4-litre cooling chambers. The two-chamber option allows you to use two varieties of milk (e.g. whole and skim milk). You can also connect the Cafina ALPHA to an external cooling unit.

Innovative glass touch panel - It allows easy control of the product preparation and provides all relevant information, such as reminding you to empty the grounds container, and so on.

Chip-Card System (CCS) - This system provides easy and effective control of access, for managers, service technicians, and so on.

Variable Pressure System - The Variable Pressure System (VPS) ensures that all different specialties are prepared at the highest quality standards.

Incredible variety - You can combine coffee, milk, and cocoa to produce great number of different specialties, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. The cocoa option is a great addition, and will open many new possibilities for preparing the drinks. Using two milk varieties further increases the number of possible combinations and options. Operating the machine and choosing the products is very intuitive, and you will enjoy doing it.

Fully automated filtered coffee preparation - When it comes to filter coffee, the Cafina ALPHA-F handles everything automatically. As soon as the stored volume of coffee falls below an optimal level, it automatically starts preparing more coffee. The Cafina ALPHA-R can produce about 500 cups of filtered coffee every hour.

Powerful and durable grinder - The lifetime of the grinding disks is over 150,000 cups of coffee. They also produce a homogenous fine grind, ensuring the top quality of your products.


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  • Individual refrigerated milk storage - In addition to the two built-in options (one 9-litre container and two 4-litre chambers), you can use an individual milk storage, because it can be easily connected to Cafina ALPHA:
  • Cup Heater - With three levels and a capacity of 80 cups, this heater will be a great addition to your Cafina ALPHA.
  • Cocoa Dispenser - This is another fantastic add-on module. It is compatible with cups or glasses up to 140 millimetres high. The front door is secured with lock, and the add-on can be connected to the billing system, which makes it extremely practical. It also has a very intuitive display.
  • Coin Changer - It accepts 5, 10, 20, and 50 cent coins, as well as €1 and €2 coins and tokens. Setting the prices for the products is very simple. The coin changer has a stainless-steel housing with grey-aluminium finish. It has a DIVA Base 2 interface that allows you to connect one or two devices for every Cafina Alpha model without a steam fitting.   
  • Built-in Refrigerator - This add-on module has a capacity of 7 litres. It has a powerful cooling unit, and is made of stainless steel. The door is secured with a lock. You can monitor the temperature on a digital display.


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