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Coffee Machine Maintenance

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Coffee Machine Maintenance

The Coffee Machine Maintenance is on offer.

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Coffee Machine Maintenance with Beanmachines

The cost of ownership on a commercial coffee machine can correspond to almost 50% of the machines value. An underperforming coffee machine can have a negative effect on your business and could drive away customers. Correct coffee machine maintenance is essential to keep your machine functioning in top working order. 

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Reasons to use our Maintenance Service:

  • Customers rate us at 4.75/5 (Independent reviews by EKomi)
  • We keep our promises! (all calls are recorded for this purpose)
  • We can guarantee our best service! (We have our own in house coffee machine engineers)

Below is a picture of a very tired looking Stafco coffee machine in desperate need of repair and maintenance.

Before coffee machine maintenance

Our expert coffee machine engineers can perform coffee machine maintenance tasks onsite or at our fully equipped workshop. After a complete maintenance procedure was carried out on the machine, it was reunited with a very satisfied customer. Our coffee machine maintenance packages can save YOU time and money!

After coffee machine maintenance

Importance of coffee machine maintenance

Your traditional espresso machine or bean to cup machine is a large investment. As with any machine with moving components, it will require maintenance (such as replacing rubber seals) and should be serviced annually. Keeping your commercial coffee machine well maintained is essential if you are to maximise your investment and subsequently can benefit from the following:

  • Increased life expectancy
  • Improved taste and quality of drinks = happy customers & more customers
  • Reduce the number of breakdowns

Please call us today for any queries you may have regarding the maintenance of your coffee machine. Our fully trained staff are here to assist you with any of your coffee machine maintenance needs.

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May deals

Free half day barista training course worth £200 with all machines.

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Customer Reviews

A Grateful Lifelong Customer

Dear Beanmachines Team,

I am extremely grateful for the service you have provided me and my cafes for over 5 years now. I have never once had an issue with any of the coffee machines that fill my premises. I must say that it is almost inextricably down to the excellent service you provide to them every year.

The thorough check covers everything and have kept my machines in top shape to handle the pressure of serving over 1200 customers a day, across the UK.

I am extremely happy with the way that all of the engineers and customer service team respond to myself and my queries.

Yours Sincerely,
Davensford F. G. Corks

By Davensford F. G. Corks

Problem Solved! - 18 December 2014

I had a problem with my coffee machine I contacted Beanmachines and they came and fixed it the same day. I was very pleased with the service I received

By Tony East

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