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WMF 1500s Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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WMF 1500s Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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The WMF 1500s Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is on offer.

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Introducing the WMF 1500s Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

WMF 1500s commercial coffee machine

Evolved from the Presto series of coffee machines, WMF introduce a machine with the perfect price-performance ratio, slender looks and exceptional quality: The WMF 1500S. Significantly improved from its predecessor, the 1500S includes a host of new technology and improvements, yet still features all of the great qualities present in the earlier machine. Featuring cutting edge technology, intuitive milk delivery system and touch screen display, it's easy to see why the 1500S can produce consistently perfect coffee - day after day!


WMF 1500s commercial coffee machine

  • Reduced noise emissions.
  • Easily switch to self service.
  • Automatic cleaning system - at the touch of a button!
  • Coffee hoppers can be removed and cleaned, they are even dishwasher safe.
  • Height adjustable dispenser.
  • Set the ambiance: Adjustable lights on the side of the machine allow for an infinite array of colours to be selected.
  • Perfectly warmed hot water for tea, for example. Goes without saying!
  • Easy maintenance. Seals are that easy to change you can do it yourself - reducing service costs.

The maximum daily output for the WMF 1500S is Approx 180 Cups/day depending upon quality settings and size of the drink.

WMF Bistro 1500s commercial bean to cup coffee machine multi shot









Water Tank Capacity:

4 litre


13 amp


180 cups per day

Tank Feed:

Plumbed or hands fed




Colours Available

  • Black
  • LED Illumination (vast spectrum of colours make endless possibilities and ensures a perfect fit into your surroundings)

Available Models

  • Available in numerous different combinations to suit your requirements. Enquire for details.


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More Information

WMF are a German Company who synonymous with Bean to Cup Machines of the highest quality. They are an industry standard and their equipment can be found in many well known branded Fast Food Restaurants, Airports, Service Stations, Cafeterias and Canteens around the world. The WMF 1500S is entirely made in Germany from high quality materials. Every single machine is tested inside and out by experts before delivery. This high quality professional machine is designed for small to medium use.

It can do anything your heart desires – from Espresso and Café Crème to Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato and even Milk Choc and Chociatto. With a simple push of a button, the 1500S delivers top quality coffee every time. It is as much at home in a small office, medical practice and fitness studio, as in a small bistro or petrol station, bakery or hairdresser’s, in a fast food shop or hotel bar. With the appropriate accessories, the machine is a genuine all-rounder.

It should be noted that Bean to Cup machines come in various volume categories and are built, and priced, accordingly. Machines have to be matched to cups/day estimates, size of drink, and how quickly they will be needed. Manufacturers cups/day specifications are always based upon an 8oz serving and evenly spread throughout a day.

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Customer Reviews

It looks great in the restaurant. - 15 September 2014

This is the first coffee machine we have bought for the restaurant. After talking to beanmachines and telling them our needs we settled on this machine. Were very happy with the machine and it looks good in the restaurant. Im glad that we didn't go for the original machine that we wanted and the people at beanmachines were very friendly and extremelly helpful. We would be delighted to use them again for business.

By Ahmed Masood

Very pleased

Very pleased with the WMF 1500 we have been looking for a WMF for a while as we have heard great things about them. It's not the cheapest machine out there but it does the job - and does it well!

By Gary

Reliable, Fast and Convenient! - 26 March 2015

From first phone call the beanmachines staff were friendly and helpful throughout. The machine was installed and up and running faster than I had expected which was amazing and were absolutely thrilled with the machine. It's a bit early to say how good the machine is doing for the business but it's much cheaper to run than our previous machine and makes excellent coffee. Originally we didn't use Beanmachines coffee but as the service for the machine was so good we decided to give it a try. Needless to say we were not dissapointed and have used them for coffee ever since. Thank you guys!!!!

By Sophie Jones

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