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Maximo Coffee Bean Description:

A magnificent blend that combines espresso beans sourced from 3 different continents! Maximo was created during the build up to the birth of Matthews first son - Maximus, so it seemed fitting that he would name this coffee after little Maximus! 

Wholesale coffee beans by Beanroasters. Maximo blend espresso coffee beans. Deep, rich and choclatey. Balanced by subtle citrus throughout. 

Tasting Notes:

Maximo has an excellent body that cuts through milky drinks well.

  • Deep, Rich, Chocolaty and Punchy.
  • Balanced by subtle citrus notes throughout
  • An underlying Spicy Chocolate feel.  
  • An indulgent Treacle and Hazelnut finish.

Maximo Coffee Flavour Profile:

Maximo coffee bean flavour profile chart

Coffee Bean Tree    Fresh Coffee Beans    Coffee Beans Drying Off In The Sun    Commercial coffee beans

Sources for Maximo:

Sources of green beans for the Maximo Coffee Bean Blend:

Why Buy From Us?

We care about great quality coffee beans and are truly passionate (and a bit mad) about all things coffee. In fact, we have won an award for it! Our range of coffee bean blends are freshly roasted in the UK using an air bed roaster to ensure the highest quality. We like to be a bit different at Beanroasters and pride ourselves on the fact that we are part of the 1% of the world’s coffee that is air roasted. This method removes the bitter, smoky taste of coffee leaving a more natural flavour, the way mother-nature intended. There are many companies out there who sell poor quality roasted coffee beans, we are not one of them! 

Customer Reviews

Perfect coffee bean supplier - 28 June 2014

1. Customer service, friendly staff, and good quality coffee. Perfect supplier!
2. I'm so happy to have a coffee supplier who actually cares about it's customers and so far I have never been let down by Beanmachines. Would recommend them to everyone. 
3. Beanmachines support was very good from the start of getting a new coffee machine. Now I'm using them as a coffee supplier and I'm very happy with their service.

By James Murphy

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