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Sanremo Verona TCS Espresso Machine

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Sanremo Verona TCS Espresso Machine

The Sanremo Verona TCS Espresso Machine is on offer.

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Sanremo Verona TCS Commercial Espresso Machine

The Sanremo Verona TCS is one of Sanremo’s flagship machines, incorporating classic styling with cutting edge technology and functionality. Part of the new Sanremo range, the Verona TCS is the ultimate commercial coffee machine, combining the on board diagnostics, advanced heating element, large boiler, and extraction time lighting system of the Verona model with the latest temperature control technology – TCS. With TCS technology, you can control the temperature of each group, meaning that for the first time, you can use your coffee machine to simultaneously brew different blends of coffees at different temperatures, with complete control over the group temperatures.


Sanremo Verona TCS Commercial coffee machine

Sanremo Verona TCS Features

  •  Independent coffee and steam boilers
  •  P.I.D. Temperature Control
  •  Dedicated boiler per group head
  •  Independent temperature per group head
  •  Fresh water mixer for tea
  •  Programmable pre-infusion
  •  On-off timer
  •  Auto backflush cleaning facility 
  •  Espresso shot timer
  •  Detailed audit trail
  •  Triple level boiler safety systems
  •  Double scale pressure gauge
  •  Copper boiler and pipework

On request

  • Turbo steam
  • External volumetric pump
  • 3-phase power
Colours available
  • Red
  • Black
  • Pearl White
  • Metallic Blue
"The Sanremo Verona TCS model retains its sophisticated modern lines characteristic of the Verona reworked in height and re-harmonised"

Like the Sanremo Verona, the Verona TCS features an LCD display, on board diagnostics, and the innovative extraction process lighting system, making it easy to use and maintain. So not only will the Verona TCS produce a high quantity of fabulous coffees, it will let you know when there is a problem with the grinding process or it needs new water filters, servicing, etc.
Sanremo Verona TCS commercial coffee machine black red white

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More About Sanremo Verona TCS

The Sanremo Verona TCS is one of Sanremo’s flagship machines, incorporating classic styling with cutting edge technology and functionality. Designed to produce high quantities of the very highest of standards in espresso based coffees and associated hot drinks. At its heart is Sanremo’s innovative TCS system (Temperature Stability Control). This comprises of a separate boiler for each group/station which enables you to use each group at a specific and stable temperature to obtain optimum and consistent brewing results, tailored even to work with different blends of coffee.

A large boiler dedicated to the production of steam, gives the ability to make intensive use of steam (for instance, to produce a large number of cappuccinos) without affecting the quality of coffee extraction in any way. The machine also uses "fresh" water directly from the mains supply (rather than boiler) to make tea or other drinks requiring hot water, optimising quality across the drink spectrum.

Top level functionality incorporated in the Sanremo Verona TCS includes: on/off timer, auto back-flush routine (cleaning), LED espresso control monitor, adjustable pre-infusion, the ability to set service and filter requirements and retrieve detailed audit data - all helping to improve efficiency and reduce breakdowns.The big distinctive curves of the Verona give it a fantastic and luring visual presence, enhancing traditional and contemporary drink settings. To obtain a perfect cup of coffee, the machine is also equipped with a system for the programmable pre-infusion. 

The perfect choice for large, busy establishments looking to serve a high quantity of a range of coffees, the Verona TCS sets new standards for Italian coffee machines. Stylish, powerful, and capable of brewing multiple blends simultaneously.

 Sanremo Verona TCS Specification

 Specification 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group
Width (mm) 820 1020 1320
Depth (mm) 610 610 610
Height (mm) 590 590 590
Weight (mm) 68 85 109
Voltage (V) 230-400 230-400 230-400
Power (kW) 4.7 5.7 7.4


  • The Sanremo Verona was the machine of choice for the UK Barista Contest 2012, 2013 & 2014.
Sanremo Coffee Machines
         Sanremo Verona UK Barista championship

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Customer Reviews

Sanremo Verona Temperature Control System - 02 March 2014

The quality is much better on the espresso than with other machines. Ive not had any issues yet with reliability at all and had it 6 months. Verona looks nice with my on demand Sanremo grinder the blue displays match perfectly. 

Hot water is ok but not suitable for pots, which I was made aware of thankfully I got a boiler to packaged in.

It would be fine for cups though and the temperature is better than other machines for tea. To be honest the reasoning to seperate to a boiler that Andrew gave me was good sound advice. ie better to replace a boiler than wear an expensive coffee machine out with high water demand.

Its refreshing to deal with them they are technical and very knowledgeable. thanks

By David Heath

Sanremo Vernona TCS - 27 April 2014

The Sanremo Vernona TCS is a coffee machine that came highly recommended and we wanted to get the best price for it. Beanmachines gave me real in depth advice and the most competitive price, plus a service level that no other company came anywhere near. The engineer Catalain was brilliant and gave us some fantastic training. My wife and I are competent and confident with making coffees and this is solely because Beanmachines are excellent at what they do and our coffee machine is so easy to use, the coffee we get is deliscious which is again because of Beanmachines' quality and the quality of my Sanremo Verona.

Thanks very much


By Eddie Patterson

Best coffee in town - 16 August 2014

I spoke to Beanmachines when I was looking for a coffee machine that would help me provide the best coffee in town, I didn;t realise there was so much involved! I explained to Matthew that we wanted to bring in diffenrets types of coffee to run along side our regluar blend (Maximo). The advice we got was brilliant and has given us the ability to change our grouphesad temperature when we need to.

The Verona is so much better than we thought it would be and we're so glad we took Matthews advice.

Thanks again guys.

By Gemma Hayes

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