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Sanremo Verona RS Espresso Machine

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Sanremo Verona RS Espresso Machine

The Sanremo Verona RS Espresso Machine is on offer.

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Introducing the Sanremo Verona RS Commercial Coffee Machine 

Behind each group head on the Sanremo Verona RS there's an insulated PID controlled boiler capable of producing unrivalled consistency, while large boilers result in ultimate temperature stability. The Verona RS is packed with features including an intelligent display above each group head showing real-time temperature and espresso shot time. Baristas can now also programme pre-infusion, offering precise coffee extraction.


Sanremo Verona RS espresso machine

Sanremo Verona RS Features

  • Independent steam and coffee boilers
  • Temperature control via PID
  • Each group head has independent temperature settings
  • Hot water tap for americano's, teas etc...
  • A programmable pre-infusion


Sanremo Verona RS commercial coffee machine image


  • On-off timer
  • Cleaning facility via automatic backflush
  • Individual espresso shot timer
  • Detailed audit mode
  • Down lights and LED illuminated panels
  • Copper pipe work and boiler
  • Triple lever boiler safety system
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The Future of Coffee Machines

Over 90% of competition baristas rate the Sanremo Verona RS as very good for 'solid build' 'consistency of results' and 'temperature stability'. At Beanmachines we love the entire Verona family. The predecessor to the RS was the Sanremo Verona TCS - one of our most popular machines and for many years the machine of choice for rental agreements. Now, the Verona RS has taken the taken the place of its predecessor as the rental machine of choice. 


Sanremo Verona RS commercial coffee machine features


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Choosing the right espresso machine for your setup is essential to producing great coffee. The Sanremo RS's ability to consistently deliver a high quality espresso is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of brewing the perfect drink.


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Sanremo Verona RS specification:

Sanremo Verona RS espresso machine specification


Customer Reviews

Sanremo Verona RS

The Sanremo Verona RS is an absolute beast of a coffee machine! We have been looking at this machine for ages and after speaking to the guys at Beanmachines we went for it. It makes a great espresso and looks like its just landed from some futuristic planet - what more could you ask for?

By Mark

Has to be the best looking/performing machine on the market!!!! - 15 July 2015

This machine is something else. Whilst it is one of the more expensive machines we were considering for our busy garden centre cafe we are so glad that we went for the RS. Not only does it look absolutely fab with the front lights and sleek black design it produces the best coffees and we have daily compliments on the standard of our coffee.

One thing I would say is that due to the features and the level of customisation it can be quite overwhelming to start off with and I know a few of our girls struggled slightly to get their head around such a coffee machine.

That being said it's much better than we ever expected and fully deserves 5 stars! Thank you beanmachines.

By Abbie Rogers

The best machine out there!

What a coffee machine! Is there any more I need to say! I am very happy with the Sanremo Verona RS our customers are very happy with the machine to. Its a very easy to use coffee machine and makes great coffee. thank you

By Muhammad

What colour

Does this machine come in any different colours?

By Richard

Phenomenal machine

We have only just installed our new machine and its incredible! The coffee it produces is consistently good and we are still figuring out the features of this machine, there is so much too it! Making a coffee is very easy but everything can be adjusted and tweaked! I think we will be happily using this espresso machine and Beanmachines services for many years. The only reason I give 4 and a half stars is because we havent used the machine for long so will have to amend this review later.

By David Hutchinson

Sanremo Verona RS - 21 September 2014

5 starts all the way! Is there a better machine than the Sanremo Verona RS? Probably haha but we are very happy with this coffee machine its exceptionally good.

By Jess Wright

Can I give 6 stars???

This machine is incredible!!! 

We have owned the Sanremo Verona RS for only a few weeks but I can tell already that this machine is going to make a huge improvement to our coffee sales. Not only does the coffee machine look absolutely stunning but it produces excellent coffee every time.

When beanmachines installed the machine they showed me and my staff pretty much everything we need to know about the machine, and let me tell you, there is a lot to know about this monster of an espresso machine. About every setting can be tweaked and changed. That being said it did take a while to set up but when you see the results you will see why.

My staff love using this machine, my wife loves using this machine and I love using this machine. Extremelly helpful service from Beanmachines from start to finish couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Thank you guys!

By Colin Tarroway

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