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La Cimbali - Commercial Coffee Machines:

Starting out in 1912 La Cimbali have been established for over 100 years and are now the largest coffee machine manufacturer in the world active in over 100 countries globally. The La Cimbali brand is built on quality and reputation and each machine is designed with innovation and passion. Incorporating patented technologies with performance and quality results in La Cimbali machines consisteltly delivering optimum quality and taste.



La Cimbali are one of the few manufacturers to excel in both traditional espresso machines and bean to cup machines, having a more than impressive portfolio of superior coffee machines that would be an asset to any self respecting coffee outlet.

At Beanmachines we supply a range of commercial coffee machines by La Cimbali including both traditional espresso machines and bean to cup from the very popular M29 traditional machine to the La Cimbali Q10. Quality and reliabilty runs throughout their entire brand and we are proud to supply such a well respected global manufacturer of commercial coffee machines.

La Cimbali commercial coffee machine manufacturer


La Cimbali - Commercial Coffee Machine Manufacturer Video Transcription

"Hi I’m Matthew, I’m here today to talk to you briefly about Cimbali, the coffee machine manufacturer. Cimbali could be the biggest; in fact they are the biggest coffee machine manufacturer. You take a group of Cimbali, the whole group; they have three core parts to the range, they have Cimbali, which is one that we have here. They also have Faema as well, which is another traditional and bean to cup manufacturer. They also have a Casadio which they bought a while back and Casadio really just the budget end of the Cimbali range. Normally most people say Casadio, Faema and Cimbali at the top, although to be honest there’s are a lot of similarities between the bean to cups and the traditionals between Cimbali and Faema; quite often it just looks like chassis change.

So starting off, Cimbali, is quite unique in the fact that they also manufacture they do good quality bean to cup coffee machines as well so not only do they do traditional espresso machines but they also do bean to cup. A lot of the other high end traditional manufacturers have played but haven’t gotten it quite right. They are certainly in the top 5 in terms of what you’re seeing out there, in terms of bean to cups and traditional machines. They are a quality manufacturer; you know they are at the top end certainly with the Cimbali range, really a good range that covers all the basis, quite similar to say someone like Audi, VW and Skoda so that would be a very similar analogy in terms of what a Cimbali place themselves. They have few good features on the machines. One of it is the patented, auto frother that they have on there, the turbo steam patent, which allows them to froth milk or automatically; you will find that on actually bean to cups coffee machines as well as traditional espresso machines. So some people like to have the bean to cup while on the espresso side of it automatically push to the button and then the turbo steam over here automatically frothing it, but then you still have that visual representation of someone looking like they’re making the coffee but obviously the machine is automating most of that.

If you got any questions or you want a more in depth looks at any of the machines, good idea, because they are quite intricate to get someone to talk through it and tell you what the positives and negatives that are especially against their competitive group of machines. You will come up against the other competitors essentially. So if you’ve got any questions, please do give us a call; we’re only too happy to help you.

Thank you for listening."