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Sanremo Zoe Espresso Machine

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Sanremo Zoe Espresso Machine

The Sanremo Zoe Espresso Machine is on offer.

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 free grinder with this traditional espresso machine


Sanremo Zoe Commercial Espresso Machine

Sanremo’s Zoe is one of two new additions to the Sanremo family since 2012 with an innovative design where the frame for the first time in the world of espresso coffee machines, also forms part of the exterior of the machine. With this solution, the commercial coffee machine can combine two aspects: attractive design at an affordable price. Another unique feature of the Sanremo Zoe is that the water temperature is calibrated to aim for the bulk of drinks to be served close to 91 degrees, giving it a near perfect heat for espresso without the need for a temperature control system. (91-94 ideal brewing temperature) see below link


Sanremo Zoe commercial coffee machine

Free Grinder Offer

Sanremo Zoe Features

  • Sanremo Zoe unique high gloss finish
  • Built-in volumetric pump
  • Copper boiled and piping
  • One double-scale pressure gauge
  • Light indicator showing power on
  • Electronic automatic level
  • Electronic pre-infusion (can be deactivated)
Colours available
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White & Black
Sanremo Zoe Compact

"Both modern and elegant and offers exceptional value, perfect for the current coffee business"

Couple this innovation alongside two fast steam wands, hot water tap and 10 litre boiler; this is a traditional espresso machine which provides top of the range quality for a great entry level price.

Sanremo Zoe Compact commercial coffee machine



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Sanremo Zoe Specification Table



2-Group Compact



Width (mm)





Depth (mm)





Height (mm)





Boiler Capacity (Lt)





Boiler Power (kW)





Total Power (kW)





Voltage (v)





Net Weight (Kg)





*Denotes standard model

Sanremo Coffee Machines

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Customer Reviews

Sanremo Zoe

When I bought my machine I had over 15 different machines to chose from with various coffee companies but one that kept coming us was the Sanremo Zoe. Beanmachines weren't the cheapest but the advice they gave was very good and the rep's knowledge of machines was very impressive, the package they offered with the machine was a lot better and more in-depth than anyone else’s.

By Mr Richardson

White And Green Zoe

Very good machine

By Paul Duffy

Beautiful Machine

When I contacted Beanmachines last year I had no idea what I needed or even wanted from a coffee machine, in fact I was after a Bean to Cup. Matthew gave some very good advice and he recommended some machines, as soon as I saw the Zoe I fell in love. I never thought a coffee machine could be so pretty! Looks aside though it's a brilliant machine and it so easy to use, the advice Matthew gave me was spot and the service I get is brilliant.

I'm glad I emailed Beanmachines when I did!!

By Kim Davis

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