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Cafelat Aluminium Drop Tamper or Nikka Tamper - 57mm, (With Tamping Seat)

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Cafelat Aluminium Drop Tamper or Nikka Tamper - 57mm, (With Tamping Seat)
  • Category: Tamping
  • Product Code: BM289

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Cafelat Aluminium Drop Tamper or Nikka - 57mm supplied with rubber tamper seat.

Drop Tamper

  • Attractive high quality aluminium design built for durability whilst looking great at the same time.
  • Supplied with a rubber tamper seat the house the tamper when not in use. Comes boxed with instructions.
  • The Aliminium drop tamper is an elegant style that fits the hand very well. As the handle narrows in towards the base, it positions the fingers such that it helps get the wrist into a great tamping position.

Nikka Tamper

  • A High quality aluminium Tamper from Cafelat along with a rubber tamper seat to store the tamper when not in use. 
  • One of our favourite coffee accessories over at Beanmachines HQ.
  • The Nikka is one of the largest of the tamper handles we have available. The aliminium tamper is excellent for those who are used to to using slightly larger handles.

Material :Aluminium

Height incl. base :90mm

Product Weight :350g with a 58mm base

Packaging :1 complete tamper per box

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Customer Reviews

Cafelat Aluminium Tamper - 57mm, plus Tamping Seat - 23 May 2015

From the first phone call all the staff I spoke to at beanmachines were very friendly and were able to help me chose the right product for me. Brilliant product in top condition, thanks!

By Lee Morrissey

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