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Frothometer Liquid Crystal Label Thermometer

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Frothometer Liquid Crystal Label Thermometer

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Frothometer Liquid Crystal Thermometer:

These stick on thermometers are quickly becomming a favourite among coffee shops, cafes etc. Much more practical that a traditional thermometer (which can be lost/broken/needs cleaning) and every bit as accurate.

As the milk heats up the thermometer squares turn green - when you hit the optimum froth temperature turn off the steam and your good to go, no more thermometer getting in the way. If that wasn't enough they are also dishwasher safe!

We have been using these in out offices for some time now and will probably never revert back to a traditional thermometer - these things are great!

Frothometer Specification:

  • Dual dial - centigrade and farenheit
  • Inbuilt temperature offset by 3 degrees C
  • Dishwasher Safe, waterproof and long lasting
  • Optimum froth zone indicator
  • plastic compostite with liquid crystal slots

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