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La Cimbali M100 Espresso Machine

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La Cimbali M100 Espresso Machine

The La Cimbali M100 Espresso Machine is on offer.

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La Cimbali M100 Commercial Espresso Machine

Cimbali M100 Commercial Coffee Machine


Celebrating 100 years of La Cimbali heritage the M100 pushes the boundaries on what is capable on a commercial espresso machine. As the demand for high quality espresso is constantly being expanded, the M100 is able to deliver perfectly extracted coffee, all day, every day. The next generation barista eager to perform can exploit every single characteristic of the espresso shot with the M100 by controlling every aspect of the brewing cycle to have a direct impact on the texture, tactile sensation and flavour of the finished drink.

Cimbali M100 Features

  • ENERGY SAVING: The energy saving mode reduces boiler pressure when the machine is idle and can be manually activated by the barista - press any button and within 60-90 seconds the machine is ready to use again.
  • SMART BOILER: Patented technology ensures thermal balance by optimising the replenishment of water in the boiler reducing consumption and saving energy.
  • THERMAL IMPROVEMENT: The M100 has an insulated jacket around the boiler reducing heat loss and further preserving energy.
  • USB: Update the machine software and download data configuration via the USB port.
  • BLUETOOTH: Combined with the M100 GT on-demand grinder ensures a perfect grind via the connection between the espresso machine and the coffee machine grinder
Featuring an integrated pressure profiling system (PPS) gives the barista complete control of the pressure at every point of the extraction process allowing the barista to experiment with whats usually a fixed 9 bar of pressure, to open up infinite possibilities in terms of in-cup experience. - This is just one of the advantages that will set you apart from every other coffee serving outlet.

Cimbali M100 Commercial Coffee Machine

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More About Cimbali M100

Ruveco Teck
The M100 components which come into contact with water and steam have been subjected to the Ruveco Teck treatment, a production process that drastically reduces the release of metals in the delivered drinks. This patent has obtained the NSF certification.

The USB port allows connection to the most advanced technologies and it also makes it possible to update the machine software, download configuration data and update recipes via a USB key.

By combining the M100 GT with an on-demand Cimbali grinderdoser featuring the wireless technology, the perfect coffee grinding is guaranteed. The Bluetooth technology allows the grinder-doser to constantly communicate with M100 GT and ensures the perfect extraction by automatically adjusting the grind in terms of dose, without the intervention of a barista. This guarantees a perfect espresso coffee from the Cimbali m100 commercial coffee machine.

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