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Sanremo Treviso

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Sanremo Treviso

The Sanremo Treviso is on offer.

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Semi-professional espresso machine, with advanced, jazzy lines, the TREVISO model is especially appropriate to little restaurants, sandwich shops or pups, were coffee drinking is a custom that supplements other food and beverage. It is also suitable for home coffee making!

Mirrored stainless steel finish with a choice of handfill or mains connected -  to provide a traditional style of coffee within a small space

Uses a manual lever for dispensing - giving an authentic Italian style to your coffee offering

The Sanremo Treviso will provide a very high quality coffee within a very small space and is ideal for an establishment with a low capacity.


- Copper boiler and pipework
- Single pressure gauge
- LED power indicator
- Electronic automatic level
- Coffee brewing level

- Manual fill 3.4 Lt tank
- Vibrating pump

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Free half day barista training course worth £200 with all machines.

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Customer Reviews

I took this machine for my Cafe but it couldnt cope, it's now in my kitchen and get a great Beanroasters brew when I wake up in the morning!

By Mr Williams

We have the Treviso in our restaurant, we don't sell lots of coffees but when we do it's a very good machine. If you're volumes are reasonably low get yourself a Teviso!

By Ian Bond

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