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Latte Art Training

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Latte Art Training

The Latte Art Training is on offer.

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What is Latte Art?

The 1980s was a turning point in the long glorious history of coffee. Coffee lovers were yearning for sensory stimulation, taste and smell no longer cut it and aesthetics were added to the mix. There are now two distinct forms of latte art, free pour art and etching. The espresso acts as a canvas to the barista while the milk takes the role of paint. To master this art form and create personalised images and patterns takes patience, technical skills and most importantly, the right advice to point you in the right direction. This is where Beanmachines can offer a helping hand and provide the essential training needed to turn an average cup of coffee into a masterpiece.                  

                                                                latte Art training

 What training does Beanmachines provide?

  • How to perfect the milk steaming process to create the optimal texture for latte art
  • Numerous patterns and designs such as the heart, tulip and rosetta (as shown below) to impress your customers with
  • A fundamental understanding of the pouring techniques to create your desired image every time

Hear Latte ArtRosetta Latte ArtTulip Latte Art

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May deals

Free half day barista training course worth £200 with all machines.

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