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Franke A200 Bean to Cup

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Franke A200 Bean to Cup

The Franke A200 Bean to Cup is on offer.

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Franke A200 Bean to Cup Machine

The Franke A200 is a top quality, well built Commercial Coffee machine. The A200 components work together seamlessly to ensure optimal enjoyment. Every detail has been designed and redesigned by Franke developers before being integrated optimally into the overall machine concept. The A200 was designed so it can be put into service and operated without reading a manual – simply plug in and away you go!

It has simple yet customisable operations system that can store up to 18 products in the menu; which offers total control at a glance and an easy step by step cleaning process. This is a masterpiece of Swiss engineering that makes everyday handling of the A200 refreshingly simple.

Franke A200
Franke A200 Bean to Cup Features:
  • Touch screen display
  • 4 litre tank fed (auto fill available at extra cost)
  • 2 generously sized bean hoppers
  • 2 precision bean grinders with ceramic burrs
  • Easy to use plug and play
  • Simple operation
  • Can have up to 18 products in menu
  • Cleaning process shown step by step on screen
  • Height adjustable beverage spout with integrated hot water
  • 4L water tank which is easy to access from the front
  • Simple removal of brew unit without the need for any tools
On Request
  • Steam wand
  • Capsule unit for additional beverage options (eg. Chocolate)
  • FoamMaster technology
  • Permanent connection to water mains


The Foammaster from Franke is the next generation of milk foaming technology. With an impressive array of over 100 espresso based drinks to choose from, the Foammaster can make hot, cold, flavoured or unflavoured beverages at the touch of a button and the results are unmatched by any other coffee machine manufacturer in the world. The video below shows the extraordinarily smooth and velvety milk foam that is produced by the Foammaster. Our team at Beanmachines are Franke trained and can answer any questions or enquiries you may have on the Foammaster.

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Choosing the right espresso machine for your setup is essential to producing a top notch espresso. A poor choice in machine is apparent even if you have the most expensive coffee grinder using the highest quality coffee beans. The machines ability to consistently deliver a high quality espresso is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of brewing the perfect espresso. Worry not though, we are here to help. Click the box below to request a call from one of our expert team members.

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Franke a200 bean to cup coffee machine

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