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Melitta Cafina XT4 bean to cup machine

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Melitta Cafina XT4 bean to cup machine

The Melitta Cafina XT4 bean to cup machine is on offer.

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Melitta Cafina XT4 Bean to Cup machine

The Melitta Cafina XT4 can dispense any coffee related product at the push of a button and is the ultimate in office coffee solution. The optional hot chocolate integration provides flexibility and the ease of operation and cleaning is one of the easiest we have seen.

melitta cafina xt4 bean to cup machine


Key Features of the Cafina XT4:


  • Operation – 128 different products at the touch of a button. 16 pages with 8 drinks per page. 
  • Perfect milk foam - The XT4 features a new milk froth system that tempers the milk perfectly and can dispense warm or cold milk.
  • Melitta professional high quality standards - Stainless steel brewing unit enables the XT4 wear free long-life operation whilst the powerful motor ensures a stable water pressure and even extraction.
  • Hot or cold milk foam – The new efficient milk-foam system enables individual programming for every product, allowing you to choose between hot and cold milk foam, as well as warm and cold milk.     
  • Compactness and elegance – 580 mm high, 300 mm wide, and 715 mm deep, Melitta® Cafina® XT6 can easily fit to almost any available space. Modern and elegant design is complemented by atmospheric LED lighting.
  • Save coffee and money with the XT4 - A micro fine seive in the brewing unit can produce first-class espresso with just 8g of coffee. Other machines can use over double this amount.   

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