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Franke Spectra Bean to Cup

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Franke Spectra Bean to Cup

The Franke Spectra Bean to Cup is on offer.

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Franke Spectra Bean to Cup Machine

The heart and soul of the art of coffee making. The Spectra runs the whole gamut of coffee and milk specialities. It is individually expandable and capable of handling up to three different types of coffee, fresh milk, powdered milk and chocolate powder. For the palate, the nose and, today more than ever, the eyes, too. That’s why Franke Coffee Systems has poured as much passion into the Spectra’s design as into its technical subtleties. The design’s narrative combines a strikingly direct style with gently fl owing curves. The Spectra is also both robust and light thanks to the use of innovative materials such as Plexiglas and chromium steel. Its lighting concept is effective and yet subtle. With the Spectra, it’s never a matter of “eitheror”; it’s always “not only but also” – which is one of the reasons why it picked up the Gold Award in the Product Design Category from the International Forum Design.

Franke Spectra
Franke Spectra Bean to Cup Features:
  • Cold-milk dispenser
  • Adjustable milk temperature
  • Consistent dosing
  • Automatic cleaning and rinsing programme ARCS©
  • Level monitoring on the display
  • Milk products halted when the milk container is empty
  • Suitable for self-service and for connection to billing systems
  • Cup monitoring (self-service) • External no-milk indication (self-service)
  • Refrigeration chamber temperature indication on the display

MUT© (Milk-under-Table)

Ideal whenever space is at a premium: with the MUT alternative you can store a 10- or 20-litre milk container in your existing refrigerator under the counter. The use of BIB containers is also possible. By installing a second pump you can process two types of milk or supply two machines at the same time.

Powdered Milk

By installing a container for powdered-milk topping in the Spectra S you can prepare all popular milk specialities even without fresh milk; ideal for vending applications.

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Franke Spectra bean to cup coffee machine

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