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Melitta CT8

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Melitta CT8

The Melitta CT8 is on offer.

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Melitta CT8 Bean to Cup Machine

The fully automatic coffee machine Melitta® Cafi na® CT8 meets the highest demands with regard to performance and ease of use. Customer-specifi c coffee, milk and chocolate variations can be prepared quickly and reliably in top quality with a simple tap on the extra-large touch display. The high hourly output of up to 250 cups ensures swift and effi cient processing of orders - even at peak times - or fast dispensing in self-service mode. The inside of the Melitta® Cafi na® CT8 is home to cutting-edge technology. The sturdy metal brewing unit and - depending on the model - one or two high-performance grinders guarantee precision, durability and long service intervals. With two grinders, the grind can be perfectly adjusted to two different bean varieties

Melitta CT8
Melitta CT8 Bean to Cup Features:
  • Touchscreen
  • Milk system with cold milk Foam
  • Two Grinders
  • Integrated Cocoa-/Instantmodule
  • Separate hot water
  • Milk foam
  • Fresh water connection
  • CIP - easy cleaning without removal of parts
  • Perfect for counter or self service


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Melitta CT8

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