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Iberital Expression PID

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Iberital Expression PID
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The Iberital Expression PID is on offer.

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This pre-loved Iberital Expression has a double boiler system that divides the water circuits, which allows the machine to produce steam whilst maintaining optimal control parameters for the extraction of coffee in regards to both temperature and pressure, one espresso after another, during long periods of operation and intense workload. In comparison to other Iberital models, this makes the Expression a lower energy consumption machine, due to less heat loss between boilers.

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The Expression boiler comes equipped with a sophisticated temperature control system that ensures its stability by applying the machine’s memory of use and modifying the parameters according to forecasts based on the available information.

This machine invariably works to create the best quality coffee possible, whilst its clever display screen tells you everything, from the beverage temperature to how many perfected drinks you have served.

An extremely professional machine that will please even the most experienced of barista’s.

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  • Boiler capacity: 2GR – coffee 3L / steam 8,4L - 3GR – coffee 4L / steam 11,5L
  • Electrical element: 2GR 1.000W coffee / steam 3.000W - 3GR 1.000W coffee / steam 3.000W
  • Front opening for easy access to the interior of the machine.
  • Central tap for boiler emptying.
  • 25A static relay and contactor.

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