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Cafe Coffee Machines

 Beanmachines Free Grinder Coffee Machine

Beanmachines have a wide range of commercial coffee machines available to either rent, lease or outright purchase for your cafe. Take a look below at some of our most popular machines that might be the perfect choice for you cafe.

Sanremo Verona


Sanremo Verona - Its sophisticated electronic board makes it easy to monitor all functions, extending the coffee delivery possibilities while guaranteeing top quality at all times.



Sanremo Zoe


Sanremo Zoe An innovative design where the frame for the first time in the world of espresso coffee machines, also forms part of the exterior of the machine. Wide range of colours available and the perfect solution for medium to large sized cafes.


Franke A600 Foam Master


FRANKE A600 Foammaster -  premium class of coffee machines which can serve more than 100 different types of espresso based drinks - from Cappuccinos to lattes, flavoured or foamed, hot or iced.





FRANKE A200It has simple yet customisable operations system that can store up to 18 products in the menu. Ideal for smaller cafes who want to deliver a quick, yet quality coffee.



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