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Sanremo Cafe Racer Espresso Machine

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Sanremo Cafe Racer Espresso Machine

The Sanremo Cafe Racer Espresso Machine is on offer.

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Sanremo Cafe Racer Commercial Espresso Machine

The Sanremo Cafe Racer espresso machine is built for precision, speed and ease of use. Inspired by motorcycles, this has to be one of the best looking coffee machines we have ever seen. Available in a range of styles tailored to suit your style and personality, Sanremo have created a beautiful machine worthy of the most critical of coffee shops.

Sanremo cafe racer espresso machine

Sanremo Cafe Racer Key Features:

  • Smart touch settings of the individual groups gives ultimate control
  • Height adjustable drip tray - fits any cup size
  • Soft Pre-Infusion
  • Easy Service - fast access to the internal parts for simple and fast servicing.
  • Energy Saving System - Save up to 30% (energy and bills) with smart energy management and insulation.

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Available in a range of styles, dress your Cafe Racer.

Naked: unmistakable transparent sides, the Naked Café Racer allows you to see its powerful heart of pure stainless steel.

transparent cafe racer espresso machine

Freedom: The Freedom Café Racer has 4 coloured side panels available that are enhanced with the rear-lit logo, inspired by the café racer motorcycles.

Freedom sanremo cafe racer

Custom: Step into the garage: where you can have fun outfitting your Café Racer.

custom sanremo racer coffee machine

June deals

Sanremo machines available from £29 per week.

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What Sanremo say about the Cafe Racer...

Sometimes designs come to be to achieve a precise objective; other times to make a dream come true; or to follow an ambition. But this our story of a coffee machine conceived in absolute freedom. No hurry, no restraints, no obligations: except to guarantee impeccable performance to baristas all over the world. Hence the precise and accurate intuition: to enclose the best of Sanremo technology in a sturdy and stylish chassis: like a motorcycle chassis of the legendary café racer. From the idea, to the design, to the Sanremo R&D team, to S.W.A.T. (Sanremo World Academy Team): the project has gone around the world a couple of times. It has been shared with the best operators in the industry and it has become a reality. Café Racer by Sanremo, is a powerful and reliable machine, easy-to-handle, versatile and stylish. A unique high performance coffee machine, ready to be desired by all coffee professionals.

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sanremo cafe racer commercial coffee machine

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