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Eureka Zenith 65 Automatic Coffee Grinder

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Eureka Zenith 65 Automatic Coffee Grinder

The Eureka Zenith 65 Automatic Coffee Grinder is on offer.

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Introducing the Eureka Zenith Grinder

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At the cutting edge of a new generation of grinders, the Zenith from Eureka is the ultimate addition to your barista station. Designed for commercial use, the Zenith includes a range of exciting features designed to compliment its 65mm stainless steel flat burrs and powerful 500 W motor. The user friendly vibrant LCD display and intuitive dosing controls enable you to customise and control your espresso with ease.

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Making fine adjustments to your grind size is easier than ever with the Zenith’s micrometric adjustment, and your settings will not change even when opening up the grinder for maintenance. The portafilter can be adjusted to the perfect height and a handy, angle-adjustable torch means that you can view your freshly  ground coffee even in dimly lit environments. All of this is topped off with a 300g bean hopper suitable for the busiest of coffee houses.

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Features and Specification

65mm Grinding Burrs

Flat steel burrs, ensure even particle distribution for all brew methods.

High Speed Grinding

The 500 W motor allows for speeds of 1650 RPM, for a quick and easy grind every time.

The digital display is backed by a soft blue light, making it easier than ever to program shot times, change between grinding quantities, and review total usage.

Patented by Eureka, the Stepless Micrometric Regulation System controls grind adjustment without the use of steps or stop points. This system is based on lower burr repositioning, meaning you don’t lose your settings when performing maintenance on the grinder. Using the adjustment knob, you refine your grind with your thumb and forefinger. The stepless design allows for infinite play between burrs to ensure perfect extraction.

Extreme dispensing precision can be achieved via the Zenith’s programmable dosing buttons. The high degree of accuracy is owed to the ability to make adjustments within 1/100 of a second. For the eternally curious user, a dose counter keeps track of every single or double you dispense, which is especially handy 

Dimensions: 9.13” W x 10.39” D x 18” H

Weight: 26lbs

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