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Eureka Mignon Automatic Coffee Grinder

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Eureka Mignon Automatic Coffee Grinder

The Eureka Mignon Automatic Coffee Grinder is on offer.

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Introducing the Eureka Mignon

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The Eureka Mignon combines convenience, performance, and affordability all in one stylish package. Compact yet powerful, the Mignon is a grinder designed for busy barista stations that need a reliable, unintrusive coffee grinder.

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On the inside of the Eureka Mignon there is a 260 watt motor and a set of 50mm flat steel burrs that can produce grinds ranging from coarse for drip preparation, to espresso fine. Dialing in on your perfect grind is easy thanks to the user-friendly adjustment control that can be turned using just your thumb and forefinger. With additional options for timed and manual grinding as well as an adjustable portafilter catch, the Eureka Mignon is well equipped to deal with your coffee grinding needs.

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Features and Specifications

50mm Grinding Burrs

Coffee is ground by a set of 50mm flat steel burrs, ensuring even particle distribution for all brew methods.

Manual and Timed Dispensing

The grinder can easily be changed between manual and timed operation, thanks to a clever button located beneath the power switch. When in manual mode, grinding is controlled by a switch right below the dispensing spout. In timed mode the coffee can be set to dispense between 1 and 14 seconds.

Stepless Adjustment

Using the adjustment knob, you refine your grind with your thumb and forefinger. The stepless design allows for infinite play between burrs to ensure perfect extraction.

Adjustable Portafilter Catch

To accommodate portafilters of varying sizes, the catch fork can be adjusted to various heights beneath the spout. For easier grinding for drip devices, the catch can be removed entirely for greater clearance.

Low Profile

Hopper included, the Mignon still manages to pack its incredible performance into just 14 inches of grinder.

Easy to Maintain

The top burr is easily removed by taking out three screws that hold it in place. Because the bottom burr is used to adjust the grind, that means you can clean your burrs without affecting your grind settings.

Aluminum Housing

High quality aluminum housing is both elegant and durable, resulting in a grinder that both looks and feels the part.

Dimensions: 14" H x 4.33" W x 6.5" D

Weight: 10.2 lbs


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