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Eureka Atom Automatic Coffee Grinder

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Eureka Atom Automatic Coffee Grinder

The Eureka Atom Automatic Coffee Grinder is on offer.

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Introducing the Eureka Atom Coffee Grinder

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The Eureka Atom is an all-purpose coffee grinder that is perfect for quickly and quietly grinding coffee for wide variety of brewing methods. Equipped with a powerful 450 watt motor and a set of 60mm burrs, grinding is fast, consistent, and quiet. For espresso, the Atom has single and double shot dispensing buttons that can be programmed to grind within 1/10 of a second and an all-purpose fork for all sizes of portafilters.

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With just a few twists of the adjustment control, you’re ready for drip grinding with the manual operation and included ground coffee container. Meanwhile, the sleek aluminum house and blue lit digital display ensure the Eureka Atom is a modern and sophisticated addition to any barista station.

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Features and Specifications

60mm Grinding Burrs

Coffee is ground quickly and efficiently with a set of 60mm flat steel burrs and a powerful 450 watt direct drive motor. The wide and durable burrs ensure consistent grind distribution across all methods of coffee preparation.

Digital Display

Backed by a soft blue light, the digital display makes it easier than ever to program your shot times, change between grinding quantities, and review your total usage.

Stepless Micrometric Adjustment

Using the adjustment control, grind refinements are easy. The stepless design allows for infinite play between burrs to ensure perfect extraction.

Multi-Method Grinding

In a unique twist for a stepless grinder, the Atom excels at grinding for both drip and espresso. With just a few twists of the grind adjustment knob, you can go from coarse to fine or vice versa.

Quiet Operation

The aluminum housing with additional noise insulation helps keep grinding as quiet as it is quick.

Programmable Dispensing

Grinding times can be programmed for both single and double shots with dedicated buttons for each. You can specify times within 1/10 of a second with counters on the main display for how many times you have prepared a single or a double shot. For one-time dispensing, or if you need to just a little extra coffee, the manual mode allows you to grind on a whim.

All-Purpose Portafilter Catch

Described by Eureka as “All-Purpose” the portafilter catch or “fork” as they call it is suitable for a range of portafilter sizes and allows for hands-free grinding when using the timed function.

Ground Coffee Container

If you’re grinding for drip, pour over, or other methods of filter coffee brewing, the Atom comes with a handy container to catch your grounds before transferring them to your brewing equipment.

Die-Cast Aluminum Housing

The Atom’s sleek aluminum housing is easy on the eyes and on the ears. The heavy duty metal and noise dampening design help to keep the grinder quiet while operating.

Dimensions: 7.1” W x 8.93” D x 17.32” H

Weight: 17.2lbs

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