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Franke A800 Bean to Cup Machine

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Franke A800 Bean to Cup Machine

The Franke A800 Bean to Cup Machine is on offer.

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Introducing the Franke A800 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Coffee culture is a way of life. Never before have individuals had a greater variety of options and opportunities to enjoy their own unique coffee beverage. There are countless ways to reinvent coffee and no end to the surprises in store. This is exactly why the A800 was created. It can perfect any beverage you could possibly desire. But there’s more to the A800 than that – its ability to deliver uncompromising performance is also part of the package. It can deftly handle the very highest levels of demand.

The new full-color, 10.4-inch touchscreen forms the attractive control panel on the A800 and is a joy to use, allowing you to control everything easily and intuitively. 

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Franke A800 Bean to Cup Features:
  • A CAPACITY HEAVYWEIGHT - The A800 is designed to deliver high quantities of top-quality beverages in a flash. Do you need to brew a perfect espresso, foam some milk, and prepare a hot tea all at the same time? The professional three-boiler system can handle this with ease.

  • DREAMY FOAM AS STANDARD -  The integrated FoamMasterTM technology means that even the basic model lets you whip up perfectly consistent cold and hot foams. You can program foam quality for every beverage – from thin to thick – on a continuous scale.

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  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY REFRIGERATION OPTION -  Whether you already have a refrigerator for milk or opt for Franke’s new 12-liter refrigeration unit, the A800 has got it covered. Whatever the setup, the foam quality is exceptional.

  • MORE FLEXIBILITY -  The A800 provides even more options for your own individual configuration. Need a third coffee grinder for your special bean blend? How about adding a flavor station or a cup warmer? You can also add extras to the A800 in stages.

  • NEW USER-FRIENDLY DISPLAY -  The new 10.4-inch touchscreen on the A800 invites you to select your desired beverage with the greatest of ease. Feast your eyes on the attractively presented drinks in high definition and fall in love with the intuitive menu navigation.

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Franke A800 Intelligent Display

The large display showcases the true potential of the A800: when it comes to user-friendly operation, it’s in a class of its own. The intuitive operating system couldn’t be more convenient for you as a business owner, for your service personnel, and for guests. For your guests: astounding simplicity. Self-service operation lets your guests choose from an attractive drinks menu. By simply touching and swiping, they can order a product, choose their drink size, and add extra flavors if they want. And then the A800 gets to work. For your service staff: astounding efficiency. Large orders can be entered in a single step. Then the A800 works through the list itself and a simple touch is all that is needed to call up the individual beverages. This reduces the workload of your service staff and minimizes errors, all while ensuring optimum use of the machine’s capacity.


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Choosing the right espresso machine for your setup is essential to producing great coffee. The Franke A800's ability to consistently deliver a high quality espresso is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of brewing the perfect drink.

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The A800 is produced in Switzerland and is packed full of Swiss quality right down to the tiniest construction details. The A800’s clientele wants uncompromising quality at the very top performance levels. This is the philosophy behind the machine, designed down to the very last component to meet the highest capacity demands and classically Swiss in its reliability and efficient operation.

The patented brew group is the centerpiece of the A800. It was designed with the aim of improving the extraction results even further and guaranteeing exquisite coffee moments. Three brewing units – with a 43 mm sieve, a 50 mm sieve, and a patented needle filter – are precisely adjusted to the various extraction grades needed to offer a wide range of beverages. It can be removed quickly and easily from the front without tools, making it exceptionally easy to service.

The A800 can be equipped with up to three grinders. The easily accessible bean hoppers can be filled in an incredibly straightforward process and guarantee that the beans always move optimally through the feeder. They can also be removed easily using the central unlocking mechanism on the front of the machine. This then gives you access to the coarseness settings in the ceramic grinder – all without the use of any tools. The precision discs on the grinder are extremely robust and have a long service life, which results in consistently uniform grinding results.

Three entirely separate boilers for hot water, coffee preparation, and steam play a major role in the A800’s high capacity levels. They make it possible to prepare a coffee while pouring hot water for tea and generating steam, all at the same time. This means that the A800 is perfectly geared to respond rapidly at maximum performance levels. All these components work in perfect harmony to create an optimum result that guarantees enjoyment, sip after sip – in Switzerland and all over the world.

With its three-part boiler system and superior operating concept, the A800 is also designed to handle large order volumes in a short amount of time. In the hands of a creative operator, the integrated FoamMasterTM technology, chocolate dosing system, up to three grinders, and optional flavor station can be used not just to deliver any quantity of beverages, but also to fulfill even the most exotic of drink requests.

The A800 packs every coffee beverage with enticing aromas, whether you’re making a classic dark espresso in a glass, an elegantly layered latte macchiato, or a special organic coffee from the highlands of Costa Rica finished with a dash of cold foam.

With the double powder dosing system, you can offer two different types of chocolate. Working in perfect harmony with the A800’s milk foaming system, the dosing system lets you create exquisitely smooth and creamy light or dark chocolate beverages or mixed coffee and chocolate drinks. As light and airy as milk can be.

Enjoy hot and cold milk foam in your preferred consistency as if it had been prepared by hand. The short foaming time is particularly gentle, and only uses the amount needed. This efficient milk foaming system sustainably reduces milk waste and can also cut the calorie content of the beverage.

With the optional flavor station, you can enhance your beverages with up to three different flavored syrups. Combine your coffee beverage or your milk with the flavors of your choice to create anything from a fruity mixed milk drink to a luxurious caramel latte macchiato. The possibilities are almost endless.

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Customer Reviews

Machine is by far the best bean to cup you can get

This coffee machine is truly incredible. Delicious hot coffee at the touch of a button - what more could you want from a coffee machine. Dead easy to clean too. Thank you Beanmachines.

By Dominic Harwood

Nice coffee machine and excellent service thank you! - 17 January 2018

By Tracey

Excellent service - very good coffee machine - 13 October 2017

Superb coffee machine which produces brilliant coffee. Would have liked to have got it with the optional cup warmer as the coffee is not 'boiling' hot when produced however this was our choice not to get it with the coffee machine. 

By Colin West - Edinburgh Tea Rooms

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