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La Spaziale S2 Espresso Machine

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La Spaziale S2 Espresso Machine
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The La Spaziale S2 Espresso Machine is on offer.

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Introducing the La Spaziale S2 Espresso Machine

The La Spaziale S2 is an outstanding traditional machine made from quality components and is the espresso machine of choice for cafe/restaurant owners on a restricted budget or who do not emphasise coffee sales (although they should!). That being said there is no compromise on the quality of the machine and its components. The S2 features a simple design with the key features expected from one of the world's most respected and renowned coffee machine manufacturers in the world.

1, 2 and 3 Group S2

The La Spaziale S2 Features

  • Patented Steam Control Heat Exchange
  • Temperature control of group heads
  • Separate hot water tap and 2 steam wands
  • 1 groups, 2 groups and three groups, 2 groups SPAZIO (EK version).
  • Built in pump
  • Electric Heating
  • Pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure control
  • Boiler warmth tank safety thermostat
  • Stainless steel machine body
  • Unique “Patented” STEAM warming
  • Automatic boiler refill

Additional features available on request

La Spaziale S2 Features Beanmachines

Other additional features available: 
  • Gas heating system (2 and 3 groups)
  • Boiler heating element upgrade

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Tested steam technology for optimised water temperatures 

It uses steam as opposed to the traditional hot water warmth exchange. Steam remains at a consistent temperature. The steam is used to heat a small individual boiler for each group guaranteeing a constant temperature of water as it reaches the coffee. Most coffee features a sweet host to 94 levels, with apparent variations in taste for every degree.


A System Like no Other!

The La Spaziale system can hit the spot every time ensuring consistently good coffee. It uses less energy and reduces lime scale build up. It uses less energy and reduces lime scale build up. These La Spaziale models have automated temperature control to fine tune the group head heat range to match the blend of coffee and automated temperature control to fine tune the group head temperature to match the blend of coffee.


The Perfect Machine for Beginner Barista’s

The S2 is really a “starter” economy model from La Spaziale. It is available as the fully automatic EK and the semi automatic free flow EP. There's no “Takeaway Height” model within this range. The automatic EK has four programmable dose controls for each Group with a manual free flow override function. Available in various configurations of 1 - 3 Group with 3, 10, 15 litre Boilers respectively. There is also the 2 Group Spazio Compact which has a 5 Litre Boiler.


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Machine Specifications:

  • – 1 group 460mm x 520mm x 530mm
  • – 2 group 700mm x 520mm x 530mm
  • – 3 group 930mm x 520mm x 530mm

Machine Weight

  • – 1 group – 42kg
  • – 2 group – 65kg
  • – 3 group – 82kg
Electrical Output:
  • – 1 group 110/220/240 V – 50/60Hz – 2200W
  • – 2 group 220/240 V – 50/60Hz – 3900W
  • – 3 group 220/240/400 V – 50/60Hz – 4500W
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Customer Reviews

Fantastic commercial coffee machine

The LA Spaziale S2 in my veiw is the best value for money machine out there, pretty low monthly costs but brilliant machine and so easy to use

By Mrs Brogan

Upgraded S2 - 21 June 2014

Great machine, we upgraded to this machine in December and it's been the best decision, great advice from Beanmachines.

By Mr Shone

S2 Compact - 12 April 2014

Sorry Jamie first as this review is about a month too late.

The compact S2 machine is great. I was really worried as we had a real space issue in our pub but we are a gastro pub so coffee quality was really important.

Jamie at Beanmachines was great he analysed the situation correctly and sent us a few different options over. I am not to sure on the science behind it but the machine really does perform incredibly well for the size. We are doing nearly 100 a day sometimes and the machine keeps up but also stays on the mark with consistancy.

I have used larger machines that produce a poorer coffee than this so I cant praise Jamie enough for him steering me towards this machine and just essentially giving me good advice. I am sure we will be very happy with my machine. 

By Jerry & Kelly Anderton

S2 With Lights - 01 January 1970

I started using Beanmachines for coffee around 3 months ago when I tried one of their coffees (in a competitors)! Iain came out to see us and made 3 different coffees. What struck me about this company is they dont sell at all they are just extremely knowledgeable.

The coffee machine itself is great I have used others in the past mainly cheaper ones, but now having used this I will never go cheap on coffee again.

The S2 machine stimulates sales as it has lights along the edges of the machine. Customers often "say wow that looks fancy we will have to get a coffee out of that!"

The steam pressure I find stays very high it doesnt seem to drop when you use the machine for pots of tea by as much as I have noticed other machines have in the past.

The baskets are very deep and we have a lot of Saturday staff that say its much easier to get the coffee right as it is more forgiving if you tamp it at a slight angle.

I would have given Beanmachines 5 but I did have an issue with the grinder on install as it was not working. Even so they got out the same day with a replacement, so perhaps I am being a bit mean there. Their servicing department really is the next level in terms of customer service. Looking forward to working with them.

By Keith Tickle

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