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Restaurant & Pub Coffee Machines

Beanmachines have a wide range of commercial coffee machines available to either rent, lease or outright purchase for your restaruant or pub. Take a look below at some of our most popular machines in this range.

Sanremo Capri


Sanremo Capri Small in size, but capable of producing exquisite coffees, the Capri is an affordable and versatile coffee machine that is ideal for start-up businesses and small to medium sized businesses.



Melitta Barcube


Melitta Barcube - High volume bean to cup coffee machine where almost every setting can be fully adjusted to make coffee exactly how you want it to be. Deliver a top notch espresso to your customers at the click of a button.


La Spaziale S40


La Spaziale S40 - With such a wide range of features, the La Spaziale S40 allows it to stand out from the rest in their range and deliver a high quality coffee machine perfect for medium to large scale cafes.


Sanremo Zoe


Sanremo Zoe An innovative design where the frame for the first time in the world of espresso coffee machines, also forms part of the exterior of the machine. The perfect solution for medium to large cafes.



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