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La Cimbali M39 Dosatron Espresso Machine

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La Cimbali M39 Dosatron Espresso Machine
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The La Cimbali M39 Dosatron Espresso Machine is on offer.

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La Cimbali M39 Dosatron Commercial Espresso Machine

The La Cimbali M39 Dosatron is an automatic traditional espresso machine packed full of features and equipped with a micro-processor for an easy programming of coffee and hot water dosage. Equipped with La Cimbali’s patented Smart Boiler technology, which significantly boosts steam and hot water capacity (+ 30%).


Cimbali M39 Commercial Coffee Machine

La Cimbali M39 Features

  • Two, three and four group automatic, multi selection coffee machine
  • Advanced electronics
  • Tall cup
  • Smart Boiler technology (patented)
  • Thermodrive
  • Boiler insulated with a special material that reduces heat loss
  • 1 standard steam wand and 1 Turbosteam Milk4 (for 4 milk recipes)
  • 1 hot water wand
  • 2 hot water selections
  • USB port and Bluetooth connection with Magnum on Demand
  • Wireless (option)
  • Green machine: Energy Saving software functions; recyclable materials
  • Electric cup warmer (3 temperature settings)
  • “Titanium Silver” body and customised colours

In order to obtain an excellent in-the-cup quality, the Cimbali Dosatron M39 HD is equipped with a system which allows you to personalise and correct the extraction and water pressure profile for each delivery button according to the coffee blend and the desired beverage. This means that the M39 Dosatron is fully customisable and capable of making exceptional coffee irrespective of the coffee beans used.

Exclusive thermal system based on a 10 liter boiler, with two traditional Cimbali heat exchangers in series, independent coffee boilers each one with a capacity of 400 cc and a 800 Watt resistor. Water for the coffee is preheated in the heat exchangers, evenly distributed to the coffee boilers, where it is  brought to the desired infusion temperature. 

 Specification Table DT2 DT3
Width (mm) 855 1055
Depth (mm) 570 570
Height (mm) 565 565
Weight (kg) 105 129
Power at 380-415V3N~ 50Hz (W) 6000-7100 6600-7900

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Customer Reviews

Cimbai M39

Very impressed with our machine, love it and very easy to use.

By Emma White

Great machine but expensive to run, the coffee I get from Beanmachines is very good

By Mr Khan

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