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Expobar Rosetta Display Control Espresso Machine

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Expobar Rosetta Display Control Espresso Machine

The Expobar Rosetta Display Control Espresso Machine is on offer.

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Expobar Rosetta Display Control Espresso Machine
If you wish to serve your guests a perfect espresso, a machine from the Rosetta range is a self-given requirement for success. The all new Rosetta is another excellent addition to the Expobar range. Over the years Expobars’ presence in the coffee industry has grown from strength to strength due to its ability to produce reliable and functional espresso machines at competitive prices. The Rosetta’s good looks ensure it takes pride of place in establishments where appearance is also of great importance. The Rosetta is fully automatic with an electronic switchboard to control coffee dosages volumetrically. Featuring Expobar’s usual large automatic water filling copper boilers. Individual heat exchangers per group.

Expobar Rosetta Commercial Coffee Machine

Expobar Rosetta Display Control Features
  • Built-in volumetric motor pump, equipped with two retention valves and solid particles filter
  • Copper boiler with heat exchanger per group and pressure relief valve
  • Boiler drain tap (except Compact/Mini models)
  • Group head with direct pre-infusion chamber
  • One steam arm and one hot water tap in
  • Compact/Mini and 2 groups models
  • Two steam arms and one hot water
On Request
  • Separate 1.5 litre boiler per group head (1200W)
  • Available in Takeaway design
  • Skimming pipe
  • Second steam pipe
  • Capsule group head
  • Electrical hot-cups
  • Machine feet set
  • Grinder with counter
  • Three-phase 4500W (2 groups models)
  • Three-phase 6000W (3 groups models)
  • Voltage 110V (Compact/Mini models)
Available as Standard Height and Takeaway Height at no extra cost. Takeaway Height allows for up to 16oz cup sizes to fit under the Group Heads without having to tilt the cup or use shot glasses, as you would with a standard machine. The Display Control models feature a state of the art LCD digital display, something that is normally reserved for the more expensive espresso machines on the market. This digital display doesn’t just tell you the time and date; It allows control of machine functions, shows audit trails and coffee management.

Expobar Rosetta Commercial Coffee Machine

Expobar Rosetta Specification Table



Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Height (mm)


Boiler Size (L)


Total Power (kW)


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