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Beanmachines 1 Group Espresso Machine

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Beanmachines 1 Group Espresso Machine

The Beanmachines 1 Group Espresso Machine is on offer.

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Beanmachines 1 Group Espresso Machine

The Beanmachines 1 group is a top quality espresso machine with semi-automatic or electronic options and is exceptional value for money. This commercial coffee machine contains a top quality copper boiler as well as a triple contact pressure switch to control the pressure. A compact commercial machine that produces high quality espresso within a small physical footprint. The Beanmachines 1 group is also available in handfill version so there is no need for plumbing and can be used if you wish to do outside catering. Same internal spec as normal Beanmachines 2 group so the quality is not compromised with size. If you want a machine that compromises on size but not on quality, then look no further…


Beanmachines 1 Group


  • Hand-fill version available – for sites that struggle to get plumbing to the machine
  • Separate hot water reservoir - ideal for sites that also require hot water for tea 
  • Correct pressure steam and water - producing the same quality as any commercial machine 
  • Separate grinder - gives lower grinding temperatures and producing higher quality coffee 
  • Cup warmer to heat cups - maintaining coffee temperature once dispensed 
  • Uses the traditional extraction - producing the best espresso and hence the best coffee 
  • E61 patented group heads - for accurate temperature control 
  • Milk foam is hotter and thicker than automatic machines – producing better cappuccino 
  • The preferred coffee machine for professional users 
  • Made from stainless steel and copper so extremely durable 
  • Boiler site glass to monitor boiler setup as with standard commercial machine 
  • Recommended for sites doing up to 50 coffees per day 
  • Good design and build specification
Speciality Coffee
Time for 1 cup
Time for 2 cups
Espresso 20 secs 20 secs
Americano (Black) 30 secs 40 secs
Cappuccino 40 secs 1 min
Latte (layered) 50 secs 1 min 10 secs
Hot Water 10 secs 25 secs

 1 Group Beanmachines Quality

Beanmachines 1 Group Specification Table



Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Height (mm)


Boiler Capacity (Lt)


Total Power (kW)


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Customer Reviews

A bit small for us, works well but a bit of a struggle when we get busy.

By Clint Williams

I like my machine

By Parinder

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