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Fracino Romano 1 Group Espresso Machine

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Fracino Romano 1 Group Espresso Machine

The Fracino Romano 1 Group Espresso Machine is on offer.

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Fracino Romano 1 Group Espresso Machine

The Romano is a powerful marriage of style and award-winning technology. Combining world-class engineering skills and state of the art production methods with timeless design, the Romano is available with 1, 2, or 3 coffee making groups, hot water outlets fitted with anti-splash nozzles and steam tubes for frothing milk.


Fracino Romano 1 Group

Romano Features

  • Top quality copper boiler heated by multiple looped element.
  • Pressure controlled by a triple contact switch.
  • Automatic water level system with a probe, electronic control unit and solenoid valve.
  • The pressure of water and steam separately controlled by brass safety valves.
  • Hot water and steam are released by rotating solid brass handles.
  • Brass bodied group with stainless spray head, solenoid valve and high pressure pump.
  • Thermosyphonic circulation ensures the group is kept constantly hot for perfect coffee making.
  • Chassis, drip tray, cup warmer, steam and water tubes are constructed in stainless steel.

LCD display allows programming of coffee volumes, automatic group cleaning cycles and drinks counter, together with diagnostics information. An exquisite marbled effect in midnight quartz corian on the base is complemented by the aluminium flecked steam and water valves and the uniquely styled filter holder handles. Boasting all the power, technical qualities and reliability synonymous with Fracino products, the Romano’s classic curves, stunning retro-styling and contemporary materials guarantee the ultimate bar furniture.

Fracino Romano 1 Group

Model (Semi-Auto /Automatic) FR1/FR1E FR2 /FR2E FR3 / FR3E
Groups 1 2 3
Cups per hr =  Cappuccino 120 240 360
Cups per hr =  Espresso 200 400 600
Height (mm) 560 560 560
Width (mm) 560 795 1040
Depth (mm) 550 550 550
Weight NA NA NA
Boiler Capacity 7 litres 14 litres 20 litres
Standard Element Ratings(s)Power Supply 2700 watts13 amp 4000 watts20 amp 7500 watts30 amp
Alternative Element Ratings(s)Power Supply 2850 watts / 20 amp 4000 watts / 13 amp7500 watts / 30 amp Single or 3 phase9000 watts / 45 amp3 phase
Hot Water per hour 30 litres 60/80 litres 100 litres

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