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Fracino Bambino Espresso Machine

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Fracino Bambino Espresso Machine

The Fracino Bambino Espresso Machine is on offer.

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Fracino Bambino Espresso Machine

The Bambino is a top quality 1 or 2 group espresso coffee machine with semi-automatic or electronic options and is exceptional value for money. Each machine has a hot water facility and steam tube for frothing and steaming milk. All have large capacity boilers, high-powered elements and are hand built to the highest standards using only the finest stainless steel, copper and brass. All working surfaces, steam and hot water tubes are made in 304 stainless steel, with Zintec powder coated chassis in attractive metallic anthracite, or as an optional extra, choose stainless steel side panels for a luxury finish.


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Bambino Features

  • Top quality copper boiler heated by multiple looped element.
  • Pressure controlled by a triple contact pressure switch.
  • Automatic water level system with a probe, electronic control unit and solenoid valve.
  • The pressure of water and steam is separately controlled by brass safety valves.
  • Hot water and steam are released by rotating solid brass valves.
  • Brass bodied group with stainless steel shower plate, solenoid valve and high pressure rotary pump.
  • Thermosyphonic circulation ensures the group is kept constantly hot for perfect coffee making.
  • All working surfaces, steam and hot water tubes made in 304 stainless steel. Zintec powder coated chassis in attractive metallic gunmetal.
  • Optional extra of stainless steel side panels for a luxury finish on 2 group models.
  • Cup shields on luxury models and available as an optional extra on all other models.
  • High groups with 130mm clearance to accommodate large and take out cups on the 2 group machines. 1 group machines have standard 100mm clearance.
  • 1 and 2 group machines only require standard 13 amp power supply.
  • Drop down espresso tray available as an optional extra.
  • Optional pod adapter.

Installation Requirements: 15mm Cold Main Water Supply with 3/4"
Standard Washing Machine Stop Cock.
Drop down espresso trays can be purchased separately.

The Bambino is the latest addition to the Fracino family and benefits from all the world class skills, innovative design and state of the art production methods from this world-renowned manufacturer. Coupled with a model T grinder and the economy knock-out drawer the Bambino will make a stunning addition to any bar, restaurant or coffee shop for a surprisingly low level of investment.

Fracino Bambino

Model (Semi-Auto / Automatic) BAM 1 BAM 2
Groups 1 2
Cups per hr =  Cappuccino 120 240
Cups per hr =  Espresso 200 400
Height (mm) 450 485
Width (mm) 375 580
Depth (mm) 550 500
Weight 35 kg 55 kg
Boiler Capacity 7 litres 10 litres
Standard Element Ratings(s)
Power Supply
2700 watts
13 amp
2850 watts
Alternative Element Ratings(s)
Power Supply
  4000 watts / 20 amp
Hot Water per hour 20 litres 40/50 litres


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