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Melitta C35

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Melitta C35
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Melitta C35 Bean-to-Cup Machine

Thanks to its clear and simple operation, the Melitta C35 is your ideal partner for self-service operation. This machine contains a simple chip card system that makes the machine easy to operate and regulates access for staff, managers and service technicians. The Melitta C35 combines cutting-edge technology and simple handling with the smallest possible footprint. One or two transparent and easily refillable bean containers can hold up to 1.3kg of coffee beans on top of the machine.


Operation - Depending on the setting, over 100 different products can be easily selected via the touch-screen.

Colour display - Large, individually-programmable touch-screen TFT colour display.

Chip card system - The simple chip-card system makes the machine easy to operate and regulates access for staff, managers, and service technicians.

Clean in Place (CIP) - Fully automatic cleaning of all milk pipes for maximum cleanliness according to the HACCP.

Variable Pressure System (VPS) - To ensure optimum coffee quality, the contact pressure can be individually adjusted for each coffee speciality up to a maximum of 1500 newton.

Automatic Coffee quality System (ACS) - Any variation in the grind quality, powder quantity, piston pressure, water temperature or brewing time is monitored and automatically corrected.

Options Available

  • with coffee
  • with hot water
  • with steam outlet
  • with milk
  • 1 or 2 grinders as requested

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Since Melitta Bentz patented the first coffee filter in 1908, the company she founded has been a market leader in the coffee business. Melitta is more than just a market leader in machine technology, Melitta is also one of Europe’s most highly regarded coffee roasters and most recognised premium coffee brands.

The secret of Melitta’s success? A profound understanding of coffee roasting and barista techniques, combined with technological expertise and a passion for excellence. Melitta have examined and improved every step of the coffee-making process, from sourcing and roasting beans, through brewing exceptional coffee, to setting new standards in presentation. Melitta provide comprehensive coffee solutions with serious operational and financial benefits.

The attraction of the Melitta C35 comes from its modern, fresh design with touch screen colour display.
The new Melitta C35 colour display can be configured in line with individual customer wishes. Up to 10 products for each screen page can be shown at the same time.

The high-grade finish of the Melitta C35 coffee-machine is observed down to the smallest detail.
The combined outlet for coffee and coffee specialities is of top quality stainless steel and can be infinitely adjusted as to height. The stable catch ensures a permanent – yet at any time changeable – height adjustment.

The Melitta C35 enables you to serve customer specific coffee/milk variations – from espresso to latte macchiato, or even a decaffeinated coffee. With a performance of up to 200 cups per hour, the Melitta® c35 ensures that orders are served quickly and efficiently, even during peak periods. A powerful and highly precise grinder with ground stainless steel disks guarantees a perfect grind and optimum speed, as well as long service life (upto 80,000 grindings). This high-grade technology ensures a constant and reliable grind and thus consistently high coffee quality.

The Melitta C35 boasts a modern, fresh design with touch-screen colour display. The new colour display of the Melitta C35 can be configured according to individual customer wishes. Up to 10 products can be displayed simultaneously on each screen page. Customized background images allow specific customer information, e.g. in self-service mode, and make the Melitta C35 an ideal sales promotion partner. With its innovative display and animation concept, the Melitta C35 is particularly well suited to self service operation.

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Melitta® c35 12CM
Hourly output/cups (depending on product and volume of each drink):

Coffee Crème



Hot water(l / hour.)





Electrical connection / Power consumption: 400V / 16A / 6,8KW
Dimensions: 350mm / 650mm / 774mm (w/d/h)

Customer Reviews

Very good machine, the coffee quality is impressive.

By Helen Mills

We have recently purchased the C35 and are very impressed, it's a very hard worker and does a lot of drinks! The quality is brilliant and it looks fantastic, we're very pleased. Thank you for your advice Matthew, and your Maximo blend is delicious.

By Jake and Emma

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