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Franke Pura Bean to Cup

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Franke Pura Bean to Cup
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The Franke Pura Bean to Cup is on offer.

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Franke Pura Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Franke Pura delivers a superb coffee flavour. It benefits from advanced grinding and brewing as well as the revolutionary Twist+Taste Technology for preparing powdered milk and chocolate. Serve your guests perfect coffee creations!

Franke Pura Features
  • Best deals available on the Franke Pura Fresco bean to cup coffee machine
  • Franke Pura's Green+Gentle concept: intelligent energy control saves electricity and cuts costs
  • High-resolution 5.7" colour display combines with the latest touch-panel technology for programming up to 32 products
  • Revolutionary powder mixing chamber based on Twist+Taste technology
  • Two low-noise precision grinders featuring long-life ceramic discs and direct grinding

Franke pura bean to cup coffee machine
  • Stainless steel boiler for coffee, hot water and steam (Pura fresco)
  • 4.5-litre fresh water tank with built-in filter and "tank empty" indicator
  • Also available in a Permanent Water Supply model (can also be used as tank version)
  • Colour of Franke Pura illumination individually adjustable
  • Automatic and user-LED Clean, Clever rinsing and cleaning programme (HACCP-compliant)
  • Compatible with commercially available dispensing and billing systems
 Franke Pura coffee machine

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The Swiss made Franke Pura represents the ease of coffee making. The Pura is the perfect choice as the professional’s all-in-one solution. Ideal for gastronomy, catering/canteen, take-away and office environments, the Pura can deliver up to 150 cups a day. It’s just the thing for establishments seeking to offer more than standard black and white coffee beverages.

Franke pura fresco bean to cup coffee machine features

There are two versions of the Franke Pura, the Fresco and Pronto.

franke pura fresco bean to cup coffee machine

The Pura Fresco bean to cup coffee machine uses real coffee beans and milk to prepare fabulous coffee. In addition to two bean hoppers, the Fresco comes with one dual powder dispenser (chocolate/powdered milk) – ideal for dark and light chocolate. This selection is achieved with Franke’s innovation, “Twist + Taste” Technology button. The Pura Fresco ensures pure coffee enjoyment with superb milky foam. The milk foamer is simple to remove and clean. Depending upon the quantity of milk needed, and space available, the milk is stored in milk coolers next to or under


franke pura pronto bean to cup coffee machine

The Pura Pronto bean to cup coffee machine uses real beans and powdered milk to prepare coffee. The dual powder dispenser is located between the two bean hoppers. All of which are easy to dispenser stores powdered milk and chocolate for the mixing of various selections. The machine prepares the two different powders using the innovative “Twist + Taste” Technology. The powders are mixed in two separate chambers, preventing tastes from being mixed. Press a button and seconds later you get the finest milk-based foam e.g. for Lattes, Latte Macchiato that’s nearly as good as if it remove for filling and cleaning. The advance cleaning concepts ensure the highest standards of hygiene. The Pura Pronto is ideal for offices, vending applications and small establishments.

It should be noted that Bean to Cup machines using real milk come in various volume categories and are built, and priced, accordingly. Machines have to be matched to cups/day estimates, size of drink, and how quickly they will be needed. Manufacturers cups/day specifications are always based upon an 8oz serving and evenly spread throughout a day. The maximum daily usage for the Franke Pura bean to cup coffee machines is Approx 150 Cups/day depending upon size of drink and quality settings.

Franke Pura specification:


  • Width: 320 mm
  • Height: 690 mm
  • Depth: 590 mm

Machine weight:

  • 26 kg

Colours available:

  • Standard Silver and Black fascias

Available Models:

  • Franke Pura Fresco
  • Franke Pura Pronto


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Customer Reviews

Franke Pura

I really like this machine it is much better than our previous bean to cup.

I would have given it 5 had it not been for the espresso I dont think you can get it hot enough unless you heat the cup first. I have a lot of italian customers and thats the only thing they pull me up on to be fair.

Ive had it 6 months but so far so good.

I didnt buy my machine from Beanmachines but I did switch to them for coffee and chocolate and its great. If I bought another one though I'd buy it from them great service!

By Tom Creeley

We are pretty pleased with our purchase, it was 2nd hand but working well.

By Tom and Kate

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