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WMF 2000s Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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WMF 2000s Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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WMF 2000s Bean to Cup Machine

The WMF 2000s commercial bean to cup machine is the perfect addition for medium sized companies who want to provide their customers with a high quality espresso. The high volume WMF 2000 S is entirely made in Germany from high quality materials. Every single machine is tested inside and out by experts before delivery. This high quality professional machine is designed for medium – high volume use. A primary feature of the WMF 2000 S is its handling of milk; it satisfies even the highest demands when it comes to preparing speciality coffees. Foamed-milk drinks can be prepared using different methods. The Basic Milk version using the integrated milk foamer, which can also be combined with a steam wand (as an option). The Active Milk version, whereby the machine automatically prepares milk drinks and frothy milk drinks, whether hot or cold.

WMF 2000s Commercial bean to cup coffee machine

WMF 2000s Features

  • Removable Brewing Unit makes it easy to clean
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Large coffee grounds catcher
  • Height adjustable spouts
  • Removable Bean Container
  • Self Explanatory Display
  • Coffee Pre-Infusion System
  • Ground Coffee Chute (e.g. decaffeinated)
  • Adjustable Coffee Strength
  • Adjustable Coffee Quantity
  • Option for up to three different coffee sizes (e.g. small, medium, large)
  • Extra Hot Milk function
  • Individual Labelling
Suitable for Large Offices, Fast Food outlets, Cinemas, Theatres, Petrol Stations, Exhibition and Event Catering. Self Service environments, Company canteens, College or University refectories and many more locations that demand top quality and high volume. With the appropriate accessories, the machine is a genuine all-rounder.

WMF 2000s commercial coffee machine

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