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WMF Bistro Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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WMF Bistro Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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The WMF Bistro Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is on offer.

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Introducing the WMF Bistro Bean to Cup Coffee Machine WMF Bistro bean to cup coffee machine

If aesthetics are important to you, the WMF Bistro sets itself apart from conventional coffee machines. It boasts a sleek, modern design that looks good in any environment. You can choose from a wide range of colours for the illumination, easily selected via the display screen, allowing the machine to reflect the atmosphere of your business. 
WMF Bistro Featureswmf bistro coffee machine features
The WMF Bistro has been developed to meet the tough demands of the catering sector. The machine contains a high-quality stainless steel brewer and professional grinding disks that are made from hardened steel, providing long lasting durability even in heavy use.

  • Removable Brewing Unit makes it easy to clean.
  • Unique “Plug and Clean” system cleans all milk carrying parts in compliance with HACCP. Confirmed by the Technical University of Munich (optional Add-on)
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Large coffee grounds catcher
  • Height adjustable spouts
  • Removable Bean Container.
  • Self-explanatory Display
  • Coffee Pre-Infusion System
Additional Features
  • Ground Coffee Chute (e.g. decaffeinated)
  • Adjustable Coffee Strength/Quality
  • Individual programming of up to 16 coffee varieties in the standard configuration
  • Option for up to three different coffee sizes (e.g. small, medium, large)
  • Pre-Heater Function
  • TWO Milk based coffees in a single brewing operation
  • Chocolate option
  • Auto Steam Arm - Standard, Fine, Superfine Foam function (model dependent)
  WMF Bistro bean to cup coffee machine multi view

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More information on the WMF Bistro Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The ultimate in high volume, the WMF Bistro is entirely made in Germany from high quality materials. Every single machine is tested inside and out by experts before delivery. This high quality professional machine is designed for very high volume use.

All WMF Bean to Cup machines follow the same award winning design appearance and functionality. There are many drinks options to suit all tastes – from Espresso and Café Crème to Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato and even Milk Choc and Chociatto. With a simple push of a button, the Bistro can deliver a top quality coffee every time. Being a very high volume machine it is capable of quickly providing milk based coffee drinks (Cappuccino, Latte etc) up to 16oz cup sizes. TWO at a time, time after time. This is what customers expect of a machine designed for high volume markets. The Bistro is definitely the industry standard for many of the well known High Street outlets including the one with a Big M in the name!

The WMF Bistro’s self-explanatory display makes coffee preparation quick and simple. Its modern design, intuitive operation, proven professional WMF technology and the revolutionary cleaning concept make the Bistro a reliable professional choice for all your business needs. WMF machines are built to order in most cases. This means that “Add-On build options” are available, as with all their range of machines. This enables you to “tailor” the machine to your specific requirements.

Suitable for Large Offices, Fast Food outlets, Cinemas, Theatres, Petrol Stations, Exhibition and Event Catering. Self Service environments, Company canteens, College or University refectories and many more locations that demand top quality and high volume. With the appropriate accessories, the machine is a genuine all-rounder.

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Nominal power rating

3.3 kW

Recommended daily output

Up to 500 cups

Max. hourly output*

Up to 300 cups

Coffee bean hopper

1000 g

Choc or topping container

1000 g

Dimensions (width / height / depth)

230 V

Mains power connection

450 mm / 733 mm / 555 mm

Empty weight, depending on fittings

Approx. 80 kg

Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)**

< 70 dB (A)

Colours Available

  • No Colour apart from Chrome and Stainless Steel panels, Black Control Panel, White Fascia unless LED Illumination Option is included.
  • With LED Illumination the machine can be programmed for one colour or a “cycle” of colours.

Available Models

  • All models are Permanent Water Supply (plumbed) as standard
  • All other variations are by means of Add-Ons e.g:-
  • 6.3Kw version
  • 2nd Grinder
  • Chocolate Mixer and Hopper
  • Dual Milk (Integrated Foamer and Auto Steam Arm)
  • Small, Medium and Large drink options function
  • LED Illumination
  • Auto Plug and Clean


+ Many more features. Please enquire.

It should be noted that Bean to Cup machines come in various volume categories and are built, and priced, accordingly. Machines have to be matched to cups/day estimates, size of drink, and how quickly they will be needed. Manufacturers cups/day specifications are always based upon an 8oz serving and evenly spread throughout a day.

The maximum daily usage for the WMF Bistro is 500+ Cups/day. It’s measured more in hourly outputs of up to 300 Espresso, 220 Cappuccino, 220 Café Crème, 120 Choc. Depending upon size of drink and quality settings.

Customer Reviews

The WMF Bistro

We had a problem with our WMF Bistro a few monthes after getting it. The manner in which Beanmachines dealt with the issue is why i'm giving 3 and a half stars. I appreciate that things do go wrong with machines from time to time and I can accept that, just frustrating I guess. But 5 stars for the Beanmachines crew for dealing with the issue so well!!

By Sam

Great machine!

We have owned this machine for just under 6 monthes and wanted to run it for a while before we left a review. The first thing is that the machine is very easy to clean. We were nervous about how much we could do in terms of cleaning but the Bistro makes cleaning a doddle and has never been an issue.

The fact it can make 2 drinks at the same time is an unbelievable feature and the quality is amazing, yes its not cheap but you pay for what you get. 

By Kate Holdsworth

Love it! - 15 March 2015

The WMF Bistro bean to cup coffee machine looks great and performs well. I almost wish we had gone for a fresh milk coffee machine but glad we settled on this.

By Lewis Carrington

Fantastic machine! - 01 April 2015

Very nice machine thank you. We are glad that we chose to deal with Beanmachines and we have not been dissapointed.

By Ben Wallis

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