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Franke A400 Bean to Cup Machine

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Franke A400 Bean to Cup Machine

The Franke A400 Bean to Cup Machine is on offer.

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Introducing the Franke A400 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

With the A400, Franke is bringing the premium technology of its professional machines into a new class.
It now makes the most sophisticated coffee experience available to all. The Franke A400 allows every business to enjoy serving the finest coffee.

As a truly smart coffee machine, the A400 creates a dialog between man and machine. Thanks to seamless interaction and superb efficiency, the machine knows what the customer wants – and delivers it in premium quality.

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Franke A400 Bean to Cup Features:
  • LATEST PROFESSIONAL TECHNOLOGY - The A400 brings all the innovations of the professional A series to any business, so that even small businesses can offer the best coffee shop-standard coffee.

  • EASY OPERATION - The interactive touchscreen uses pictures and symbols to guide customers to their perfect coffee.

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  • THE FINEST MILK FOAM - The professional A400 has FoamMaster™ technology to guarantee premium quality milk foam with irresistible style.

  • MAXIMUM CLEANLINESS, AUTOMATICALLY - Not only is a fully automatic cleaning system safer and more hygienic, it also makes everyday handling of the machine much easier.

  • LONG-TERM ADDED VALUE - The A400 benefits from the incredible versatility and flexibility of the Franke A series, making it a safe long-term investment.

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Franke A400 Intelligent Display

The 8-inch color touchscreen with crystal clear resolution is the perfect interface for you and your guests. Intuitive menu prompts result in straightforward, efficient operation. The selection of beverages can be set individually and adapted to your exact requirements. Generate additional sales through the exceptionally easy placement of advertising messages and custom images on the display. The ideal user interface is at your disposal to address every possible application and use. Intuitive menu for self-service operation Your guests place their order from a clear and attractive menu of beverages. This can be customized easily with your own images. The desired beverage can be selected instantly with a simple touch or swipe of a finger, and it’s very easy to set the cup size. High-volume efficiency Large orders can be entered simply in a single step and then prepared one after the other at the touch of a button. This method supports service personnel and reduces their workload, minimizes mistakes and allows exploiting the full capacity of your machine.


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Choosing the right espresso machine for your setup is essential to producing great coffee. The A400's ability to consistently deliver a high quality espresso is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of brewing the perfect drink.

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It is factors such as taste and quality that distinguish a good cup of coffee from a superb one. Extraction is the crucial factor when brewing coffee: The goal is to get the absolute best from the beans. The A400 optimizes this process and ensures perfect results in the cup. Franke has selected only the best components for the A400 and combined them to create a state of- the-art system. This consistency can be seen as soon as you open the bean hopper. Its shape ensures that the machine is extremely easy to fill.

The bean hopper can be removed easily using the central release mechanism on the front of the machine. This allows direct access to the ceramic grinder to adjust the grind setting. The precision grinding discs are extremely robust and have a long service life – resulting in a consistent and uniform grind.

The brewing unit in the A400 can be replaced easily without any tools. The heart of this fully automatic machine can be removed with a few quick hand movements. You can choose from two different brewing units according to your own specific needs:

  • For predominantly single cups of specialty coffee and for a perfect espresso: 43 mm brewing unit
  • For predominantly two cups at once and for large cups: 50 mm brewing unit

The A400 boasts an advanced integrated cleaning concept that minimizes your workload and ensures clean, safe handling. Milk and cleaning agent spills are now a thing of the past. Just swap out the milk container for the cleaning container. Choose from the EasyClean automatic cleaning system, which requires the cleaning fluid to be added manually, or the CleanMaster fully automatic cleaning system, which has an integrated cleaning cartridge.

  • Hose-free docking system for the milk container
  • Integrated sensor for measuring the actual temperature of the milk
  • Integrated cleaning cartridge
  • Automated process with integrated cleaning cartridge
  • Safe and practical thanks to a separate cleaning container
  • Highest level of cleanliness thanks to specially developed milk and coffee cleaning agents
  • Maximum convenience: the cleaning process is ended automatically by the machine
  • Conforms to HACCP

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Customer Reviews



By Tristan Knight

Great service and product from the Beanmachines team - 01 December 2017

Thank you very much to the Beanmachines team for providing us with a great coffee machine (Franke A400 bean to cup) and great service throughout. 

We will be sure to recommend Beanmachines and will be back in the future for our coffee beans and servicing. 

By Seaview Cafe

Very good quality coffee machine - but not the cheapest!

This is a very good quality coffee machine which produces very good coffee - we can't tell the difference between this and what we get from the coffee shop down the road. 

Franke coffee machines are not as cheap as others we looked at but as with most things you get what you pay for and we are glad we went for this coffee machine in the end.

By Graham

INCREDIBLE coffee machine - thank you! - 19 June 2018

Absolutlly brilliant machien. We have had no issues with this machine and only have good things to say about it. This is our second Franke machine and we find them faultless.

By Howard Hill

Franke A400 coffee machine - 09 August 2018

We rent one of the Franke A400 coffee machines at our garden centre and so far it's been superb. The staff all really like the coffee machine and we have already had multiple compliments from our customers regarding the coffee. 

The cleaning of the machine is very straightforward and many of the operations are automated. Beanmachines have been very helpful throughout and were very professional when setting up the machine last week.

Thank you!


By Jeffrey Callowdine

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