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La Spaziale S8 & S9 Espresso Machine

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La Spaziale S8 & S9 Espresso Machine
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The La Spaziale S8 & S9 Espresso Machine is on offer.

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La Spaziale S8 & S9 Traditional Espresso Machine

    La Spaziale s8 and s9 traditional espresso machine  


La Spaziale S8 & S9 Features
  • Semiautomatic coffee machine with free-flow delivery (EP, EK T.A.)
  • Grids for Espresso cups in T.A. versions
  • Pressure gauge for pump pressure control
  • Electronic boiler refill
  • Electronic boiler temperature regulation
  • Boiler temperature showed by LED display
  • Automatic operating temperature boost function
  • Control of malfunctions alarms
  • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting (EK, EK T.A.)

La Spaziale S9 traditional espresso machine detail La Spaziale S9 traditional espresso machine detail La Spaziale S9 commercial coffee machine

More Features

  • Electric heating system
  • Built-in volumetric pump in the S9 and S8 EK – EP T.A. version
  • Electric cup warmer available on request
  • 1 Hot Water outlet / 2 Steam Wands (Lever operated on S9)
  • Possible to deactivate the electric heating system
  • Volumetric pump built in on request in the S8 and S9 EK – EP version
  • Upgraded boiler heating element available on request
  • Pressure gauge for boiler pressure control
  • 16 cm between delivery spouts and drip tray for “Takeaway Cups” in T.A. versions
  • Unique “Patented” STEAM heating system


  • GA Service scheduled control system and water softener cartridge control gold body
  • MAT Automatic system for milk emulsion with adjustable temperature
  • ITC Individual temperature control for each delivery group
  • AT Preset hot water delivery for infusions

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La Spaziale S8/S9 Colours Available

  • Silver
  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Gold (Special Order)

EK and EK T.A. and EP versions

  • 2 Group (EK / EK T.A. EP / EP T.A. and Compact std height)
  • 3 Group (EK / EK T.A. EP / EP T.A.)
  • 4 Group (EK / EK T.A. EP / EP T.A.)
La Spaziale

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Customer Reviews

S9 is beautiful

Great Machine.

Jamie the salesperson was incredibly knowledgeable.

Engineer was amazing he stayed on site for 3 hours rectifying an issue brought about by a contractor that had not finished a job correctly. Andy was his name he was such a nice guy a real credit to the company.

We bought the machine in black we quite a stylish restaurant and fits in very nicely. Had the machine 6 months always getting comments on our coffee. So we are all very happy! 

By Sara Gunner-Forbes

Go For S9

Listened to my staff too much I think they were adamant I go for a rotary turn steam arm. The guy at Beanmachines was quite technical and told me the benefits of both systems but I went with the staffs opinion in the end. I have since recommended a friend to the company and they went for the S9. I used it and I am sure I have made the wrong decision. I much preferred the S9 steam system.

I think the facelift from the S5 is worth the money too. Its got a more aggressive bolder look to it. We got it in white and customers always comment on it.

Catalin their trainer is brilliant too.

By Cain Robertshaw

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